• Karcher NT 70/2 Wet & Dry Vacuum CleanerKarcher NT 70/2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    Karcher NT 70/2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner


    With a 70 litre container capacity, tough construction and high manoeuvrability, the NT 70/2 is equally suited to use in workshops, manufacturing, and vehicle valeting. The machine’s two independently-switched motors ensure high suction power when required, and economy and reduced noise when only one motor is needed.



    Karcher T 12/1 Vacuum Cleaner


    As well as low noise and low running costs, the T 12/1 features a host of user benefits including 5-stage filtration, HEPA option, replaceable kettle-type plug-in power cable, and convenient onboard storage for the cable and accessories.

  • Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 48/1 *GBKarcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 48/1 *GB

    Karcher NT 48/1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner


    It is fitted with an automatic cut out facility for when maximum fluid capacity is reached and a drainage hose for the disposal of all liquids in a safe and clean manner.

    The drain hose is also easily accessible for convenient liquid disposal, and accessories can be attached to the container at the rear of the machine.


  • Karcher CV 38/2 Upright Vacuum CleanerKarcher CV 38/2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Karcher CV 38/2 Vacuum Cleaner


    With fast, dust-free bag change, a range of tools and wander hose stored conveniently on the machine and a cleaning width of 38cm the CV 38/2 cleans quickly and thoroughly with the minimum amount of effort.

  • Karcher Wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 27/1 MeKarcher Wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 27/1 Me

    Karcher NT 27/1 Me Vacuum Cleaner

    The Karcher NT 27/1 vacuum cleaner can pick up large quantities of wet or dry dirt and is designed to accommodate all accessories and a power cable on the unit. The cover is also designed to double up as a storage area for tools and accessories. The ergonomically designed carrying handle makes the unit easy and convenient to transport, and the stainless steel tub is designed to withstand the demands of professional cleaning tasks.


  • Karcher Dry vacuum cleaner T 10/1 AdvKarcher Dry vacuum cleaner T 10/1 Adv

    Karcher T 10/1 Dry Vacuum Cleaner


    With key features designed to keep purchase and maintenance costs low, the T 10/1 Adv offers the toughness, simplicity, performance and value contract cleaners demand.


  • Karcher Vacuum sweeper KM 105/100 R GKarcher Vacuum sweeper KM 105/100 R G

    Karcher KM 105/100 R G Sweeper

    The Karcher KM 105/100 is a ride-on sweeper with a host of standard features to increase productivity and safety. It has a 1050mm sweeping width and 2×50 litre waste containers. It features a Subaru 6.5kW petrol engine.

    New concepts like the main brush position, operator-specific control system, eco!efficiency mode, Power Plus battery boost system and centrally-positioned side brush also combine to make the KM 105 the most sophisticated sweeper available, ultimately resulting in lower running costs, increased safety and greater productivity.

  • Karcher KM 70/30 C BP ADV Powered Walk Behind SweeperKarcher KM 70/30 C BP ADV Powered Walk Behind Sweeper

    Karcher KM 70/30 C Walk Behind Sweeper


    This Karcher cleaning machine also features an integrated extraction system for dust-free applications. The 20-litre hopper is very easy to empty and both the main and side brushes are adjustable to suit different surfaces. The machine folds flat for easy storage.

  • Karcher KM 70/15 C Manual Push SweeperKarcher KM 70/15 C Manual Push Sweeper

    Karcher KM 70/15 C Manual Sweeper


    Sweeping seven times faster than a conventional broom, the 70/15 dramatically reduces dust and guarantees consistent, thorough results. Featuring an adjustable side brush for cleaning right up to kerb edges. Ideal for cleaning paths, halls and warehouses quickly and efficiently. The machine folds flat for easy storage.

  • Karcher KM 85/50 W P/W BP Powered sweeperKarcher KM 85/50 W P/W BP Powered sweeper

    Karcher KM 75/40 Powered Sweeper

    The Karcher KM 75/40 is a user-friendly walk-behind vacuum sweeper with 24V battery power and traction drive. Choose between low maintenance batteries (order no 9.621-551.0) and maintenance-free batteries (order no 1.049-207.0).

    Ideal for cleaning various floor types including asphalt, pavements, concrete, carpets and other hard floors.

  • Karcher EB 30/1 Li-Ion Professional Battery Powered Vacuum CleanerKarcher EB 30/1 Li-Ion Professional Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

    Karcher EB 30/1 Li-Ion Electric Broom


    Perfect for use inside offices, shops, bars and restaurants, the quiet operation 56dB(A) of the EB 30/1 electric broom makes it ideal for use during business hours and in areas where keeping noise to a minimum is essential. The EB 30/1 uses a high-performance Li-Ion battery which provides up to 45 minutes run time from a 40-minute charge.

  • Karcher BDP 50/1500 CKarcher BDP 50/1500 C

    Karcher BDP 50/1500 C High Speed Burnisher


    Simple controls guarantee intuitive handling, whilst the rotating guard prevents dust from swirling around. Dust is collected in a 1-litre, recyclable fabric filter bag by the passive suction system.

    The machine does not drift off course and enables travel in a straight line on a consistent basis, resulting in maximum productivity. The adjustable handle guarantees a comfortable working height and can be folded to save on storage space. The trigger switch prevents the machine from being started up unintentionally – the device stops as soon as the handle is released. The floating pad driver plate automatically adjusts itself to the floor surface, and the optional spray-cleaning attachment kit ensures that cleaning agents are only sprayed where they are needed.