Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

Industrial floor scrubber dryers are a combination cleaning machine that guarantees spotless floors and excellent hygiene standards. It is fast and efficient because of is multiple functionalities. Firstly, the industrial floor scrubber dryer machine holds the cleaning solution which it deposits on the surface in this first step. Secondly, it uses a brush to scrub the floor to remove dirt and debris that is embedded in surfaces. Finally, the dryer stage for drying the floor uses the inbuilt vacuum.

At CL Floor Care, we carry scrubber dryers in different sizes, makes and models. This ensures we meet the diverse cleaning requirements of all our customers. You can opt for small combination floor scrubbers that get into corners and along walls. Alternatively, there’s large heavy-duty machines that promise high levels of performance. There are two common categories of industrial floor scrubbers. They are the ride on floor scrubber dryer or the walk behind floor scrubber dryer machines.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer

The walk behind floor scrubber dryer is also called the pedestrian-operated scrubber dryer. Consequently, this combination scrubbing machine requires the operator to walk behind it and work it manually. It is an efficient way of cleaning large spaces. The equipment allows the operator to move at their own pace. Walk-behind scrubber drying machines can cover a considerable area. This particular machine can dispense alkaline or neutral solution, depending on your cleaning requirements.

Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer

The ride on floor scrubber dryer is both combination scrubbing and drying equipment. As the the ride-on prefix suggests, the operator can sit or stand on the machine when using it. Ride-on scrubber dryer machines are designed to reduce operational times. These machines don’t need much effort because of the motorised floor scrubbers are driven. Therefore, the increased speed of the machine allows the operator to accomplish their cleaning goals much quicker. Cleaning, especially large areas, is more productive.

Besides ride-on and walk-behind, combination scrubbers can be mains or battery-powered. For example, mains-powered machines are ideal when cleaners have to work uninterrupted. Alternatively, when tidying up a large space, mains-powered equipment offers convenience.

A battery-powered machine, on the other hand, is suitable when workers have to move around. The lack of a cable makes it easier to clean from one end to another without worrying about people tripping.

Why Our Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

We insist on superior standard scrubber dryers so that our customers may have the best cleaning experiences. Our product selection includes top manufacturers like Nilfisk, Karcher and Numatic. The innovative designs and technology used in these machines guarantee minimal downtime. Therefore, improving your productivity. With the proper maintenance and service plans, our high-quality scrubber dryer machines last a longer. We have skilled engineers who are available for service visits and floor scrubber dryer repairs when needed.

Contact CL Floorcare today, find out about our industrial grade floor scrubber dryers.

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