Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer

Our broad range of ride on floor scrubber dryer machines gives customers a satisfactory number of options from which to pick when looking for industrial-grade equipment. These machines are available in different designs and sizes, the ride-on being one of the most popular.

A ride on floor scrubber dryer operates on the same principle of scrubbing and drying the floor using a squeegee, but it has a seat for the operator. It means that the operator can sit when it is on the move. Some variations of this machine have a standing area instead. The point is to minimise the effort that the operator has to exert when cleaning. At CL Floorcare, you can find quality ride on floor scrubber dryer machines. Not sure which model you need? Call our floor cleaning machines specialists on 01782 749451 or email sales@clfloorcare.co.uk for assistance.

Improved Speed
One reason to invest in our ride on combination scrubbing machines is the fast speeds that they provide cleaners. Commercial and industrial floors have high cleaning demands. Workers have to ensure that they abide by the established hygiene standards.

Industrial-grade cleaning equipment provides that, and ride-on scrubbers offer great operational times. Cleaners sometimes have to cover thousands of square feet every day, which means they have to work fast.

Because a ride-on machine allows the cleaner to sit or stand on it, tasks go much faster. The equipment provides wider scrubbing paths, which saves precious minutes.

Better Productivity
The greatest return on investment you get with a ride-on scrubber drying machine is the enhanced employee productivity. Compared to walk-behind scrubber dryers, ride-on machines reduce fatigue allows employees.

Workers don’t have to do very much when cleaning as they guide the equipment along the planned route. When your staff doesn’t spend a lot of time on cleaning, the time and energy saved can be transferred to other company duties. You can get a Nilfisk ride on scrubber dryer.

Easier Handling
When you require large cleaning equipment for commercial and industrial applications, ride-on scrubber and drying machines are an ideal choice. The sitting or standing area allows operators to guide machines that would otherwise be extremely cumbersome.

At CL Floorcare, we offer you an extensive range of ride-on scrubber dryers from some of the top brand names like Numatic, Nilfisk and Karcher. We have qualified and certified engineers for your maintenance and repair needs.

Schedule service visits with us for your ride-on scrubber dryers to ensure they operate at optimal efficiency. We also have genuine parts and accessories for different products.

For first-time buyers of floor cleaning equipment, you get expert help picking the best ones. You can hire or buy machines for your industrial and commercial requirements.

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  • Karcher B 200 R D75/D90/R75/R90Karcher B 250 R +D100 +R100 + R120/ BR250 R BP

    Karcher B 250 R +D100 +R100 + R120/ BR250 R BP

    Thanks to the powerful battery (36 V / 630Ah), long work intervals are possible. The compact design enables a high level of manoeuvrability and optimised area coverage. Even confined spaces can be cleaned thoroughly. Thanks to FACT, the brush speed can be adjusted to one of 3 levels according to requirements – Power Clean, Whisper and Fine Clean. The user-friendly EASY Operation switch and the intuitive colour-coding enable extremely easy operation. With the eco!efficiency mode, turbine power, water volume and roller speed are reduced. Water and energy are saved and the run time is increased by around 20%. (This is a configuration example. This machine is available in a range of different configurations).

              B 250 Factsheet



  • Nilfisk BR850SNilfisk BR850S

    Nilfisk BR 755 / 755C / 855

    The BR 755/755C/855 is the generation of scrubber/dryers, with focus on performance, ergonomics and reliability.

    Key features include an extremely low sound level, making daytime cleaning possible in noise sensitive areas, outstanding traction for efficient double scrubbing tasks and excellent drying efficiency.

    The new innovative Ecoflex system keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning tasks; green meets clean.

    • Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without any compromise on cleaning performance
    • User friendly, waterproof one touch control panel, easy to operate and highly productive
    • High manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas
    • Adjustable scrubbing pressure ensures better results regardless of the dirt level
    • Integrated 3 stage vacuum reduces noise level to just 63dB(A)
    • Large battery compartment enables a 360Ah battery tray for more than 4.5 hours run time
    • BR 855 Qualifies for up to 28% government cashback under the ECA Water Technology Product List.

    Nilfisk BR755/855 Brochure          NIlfisk BR755/855 Factsheet

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  • Karcher B 300 R IKarcher B 300 R I

    Karcher B 300 R I

    This ride on petrol or LPG machine features a large 300l water tank and operates with a working width of up to 1755 cm. It is ideally suited for maintenance and basic cleaning of large areas and with its elevated and comfortable driving position cleaning tasks become simple. The element of disposal is very convenient with its high emptying function as well as optional sidebars or side scrubber covers which ensures cleaning of all walls and corners, while the ergonomically designed suction bar ensures a first class suction. The machine is extremely robust due to its large steel frame.

         B 300 R Factsheet

  • Nilfisk BR652Nilfisk BR652

    Nilfisk BR 652 / 752 / 752C

    It represents a huge step forward in cleaning innovation. In fact, a new benchmark has been set that puts these magnificently designed and engineered units way ahead of the competition. Features include: A super low noise level, an ergonomic and compact design that allows these machines to clean just about anywhere. Then there is the EcoflexTM green-cleaning system that controls the consumption of water, detergent and energy so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance! Above all, a totally new and patented scrubbing deck concept. Everything can be done just moving the steering wheel; as the machine turns, so does the deck. Together with the new “intelligent” squeegee – which perfectly covers the scrubbing track without leaving traces – the Nilfisk concept delivers superb cleaning performance. This solution is so efficient that side skirts are no longer needed.

    • New sliding deck concept; maximum comfort and performance, minimum effort and maintenance
    • New squeegee concept; a stable and reliable squeegee for the best pick up performanceEcoflexTM system minimises the environmental impact without compromising performance
    • New ergonomic steering wheel concept with all working functions fully integrated
    • Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
    • Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted areas fast and easy
    • Low noise mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise sensitive areas viable

    Nilfisk BR652/752 Brochure      Nilfisk BR652/752 Factsheet

  • Karcher B 90 R ClassicKarcher B 90 R Classic

    Karcher B 90 R Classic

    The B 90 R features Kärcher’s interchangeable brush head system, making it possible to purchase one machine and choose between roller or disc brushes in different working widths, with the option of retro-fitting a different brush head to better suit another application. The B 90 R is available with a brush disc or roller head in 65cm width, or optional 75cm width. As well as four head options, the machine is available in three formats – the Classic model offering fixed settings for ease of use, the Advanced model featuring variable suction, brush speed and contact pressure, and the Advanced Dose model featuring Kärcher’s Dose detergent metering system


         B 90 R Brochure               B 90 R Factsheet


  • Karcher B 95 RS

    Karcher B 95 RS

    Comfort features include: automatic control of brush head and the squeegee, selectable cleaning modes, large LCD display, colour-coded control elements, Kärcher Intelligent Key system, optional automatic dosing of detergent and the auto-fill function for efficient filling of the fresh water tank.

        B 95 RS Factsheet



  • Karcher BR 55/40 RSKarcher BR 55/40 RS

    Karcher BR 55/40 RS

    With unrivalled visibility, manoeuvrability and cleaning performance from its 55cm roller brush or pad, the 55/40 RS brings unprecedented levels of convenience and productivity to the scrubber dryer market.




    BR 55/40 RS Factsheet

  • Nilfisk SC6000Nilfisk SC6000

    Nilfisk SC6000

    The Nilfisk® SC6000 is a next generation ride-on scrubber dryer with the size, speed, and technology to clean large indoor areas – at an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership. Available in 3 different versions, SC6000 will be the ideal solution for many companies, industries, and cleaning contractors dealing with large indoor areas such as production sites, warehouses, supermarkets, airports, parking garages and other logistical centers.
    Saving both water and detergent, this user-friendly machine is designed to deliver hours of superior cleaning and drying performance at a high speed. Robust and reliable, the battery powered SC6000 is built to last with limited need for service and maintenance, making it the right choice when you want efficient cleaning with an absolute minimum of downtime.
    The SC6000 comes with the intelligent SmartFlowTM function automatically adjusting the solution flow according to the travel speed – and if you want to save more water, detergent, and power you can choose the optional EcoflexTM system.
    With the solution and recovery tanks both holding 190L, combined with the limited use of water and detergent results in dump and refill cycles being few and far between. Downtime is also minimised by the easy access for service and maintenance, supported by the embedded diagnosis system for quick identification of any technical problems. When service needs to be carried out, tools will not be necessary for most operations, e.g. the click-on disc scrub brush system and the easy removal of the squeegee from its support, since no hose connection is needed.
    So every detail of the Nilfisk SC6000 is designed to get the work done non-stop during its long life – at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

    • Intermittent SmartFlowTM lever integrated into steering wheel.
    • Reduces water flow on the deck, preventing splashes during turns.
    • Speed limiter function reduces operator fatigue during cleaning especially when navigating around obstacles.
    • Available in 3 different versions: 86 cm or 105 cm dual discs deck or 91 cm dual cylindrical brushes deck.
    • Consistent cleaning: Designed for different types of surfaces, from smooth to tiles floors.
    • Best in class drying performance thanks to the optional dual turbine.
    • Reliable and rugged construction in compact dimensions.
    • Fully protected scrub deck and side skirts using rugged steel doors with rollers to minimize the risk of machine or facility damage.
    • SmartKeyTM system with two different levels of access, (super user and user keys.)
    • OLED display visible in even bright light conditions and from all viewing angles.
    • No tools are needed to replace/change or inspect the main components of the machine: Brushes, squeegee and blades Click-on disc scrub brush system for simple one-touch installation of brushes or pad holders

    Nilfisk SC6000 Brochure          Nilfisk SC6000 Factsheet

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  • Karcher B 70 R BPKarcher B 70 R BP

    Karcher B 70 R BP

    Driven by powerful 105 Ah batteries, this affordable entry-level model delivers a practical and price-competitive alternative to walk-behind machines (batteries and charger set included). Its simple operation and colour-coded control elements are as impressive as the many more sophisticated features. Featuring a Home Base kit, manual cleaning tools can travel with the operator – options include a bin bag holder and a pre-sweep mop – making the machine a flexible solution for cleaning operatives multi-tasking on a single shift.

    B70 R Brochure                    B70 R Factsheet

  • Nilfisk SW8000Nilfisk SW8000

    Nilfisk SC8000

    Productivity and efficiency is optimised through scrubbing and sweeping in one single pass, using the widest scrub deck on the market in its class. Power and reliability have reached a new level thanks to the introduction of the superior Kubota 1.6L LP engine. While the green aspects of cleaning, including limited use of water and detergent, can be controlled to perfection using the Nilfisk Ecoflex system, guiding the operator in every situation.The high efficiency and productivity make this machine suited for cleaning contractors, manufacturers, warehouses, parking garages, distribution centres, bus terminals, aircraft hangars and government facilities. Now powerful scrubbing and sweeping are made greener.

    • The widest counter rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck in its class increasing the effiency.
    • Time-saving high volume tanks of 380 litres to enable cleaning of more than 9.200 m² without refill.
    • Safe and easy operation with One-TouchTM control panel, front steering system and clear-ViewTM design providing an excellent view of the floor.
    • Environmental friendly for both operator and surroundings with DustGuard™ misting system improving the dust free cleaning.
    • Kubota powered engine means superior reliability with gear driven valve train.
    • Reduced maintenance costs as there is no downtime due to repair of belts or chains on the engine.
    • Ecoflex system guiding the user to a greener and more cost-effective cleaning mode, limiting the use of water and detergent.

    Nilfisk SC8000 Brochure       Nilfisk SC8000 Factsheet

  • Karcher B 150 R Dose *Disc*Karcher B 150 R Dose *Disc*

    Karcher B 150 R Dose *Disc*

    The color coding of the controls and the EASY operation switches ensure a comfortable operation. All settings are accessible via the large color display. To protect against faulty operation, access rights can be assigned by KIK-System. The eco! Efficiency stage saves water and energy – and lowers the volume. The optional tank flushing system ensures a hygienic and simple cleaning of the water tank and the optional Auto-Fill function saves time when filling the fresh water tank.

         B 150 R Factsheet


  • Nilfisk SC6500Nilfisk SC6500

    Nilfisk SC6500

    The SC6500 is available in 4 different versions offering the choice between 2 scrubbing widths and cylindrical or disc scrubber for both. The result is a machine unsurpassed in its class when it comes to cleaning performance. The need for high productivity when cleaning large areas is met by several benefits of the SC6500. It has a scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm and the water tank capacity of 265 litres enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling. Also adding to productivity is the AC traction unit with a high working speed. At the same time, the noise level is significantly low which enables work in noise sensitive areas. More importantly, the total cost of ownership is reduced since the new motor is maintenance free and has a high-quality gearbox.

    • Scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm ensuring high productivity
    • Water tank capacity of 265 litres enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling.
    • High brush pressure and effective drying enabled by a powerful vacuum motor.
    • AC traction unit reduces the total cost of ownership since the motor is maintenance free and has a high-quality gearbox.
    • Low noise level which enables work in noise sensitive areas and during the night.
    • OneTouch control makes the driving and controlling the SC6500 easy.
    • Ecoflex system is reducing cost by saving water and detergent which is essential when cleaning large areas.

    Nilfisk SC6500 Brochure   Nilfisk SC6500 Factsheet

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