Karcher B 250 R +D100 +R100 + R120/ BR250 R BP

The compact B 250 R + R100 ride-on scrubber drier features a roller brush with 100 cm working width and a 250 l water tank, and is ideal for cleaning larger areas.

Thanks to the powerful battery (36 V / 630Ah), long work intervals are possible. The compact design enables a high level of manoeuvrability and optimised area coverage. Even confined spaces can be cleaned thoroughly. Thanks to FACT, the brush speed can be adjusted to one of 3 levels according to requirements – Power Clean, Whisper and Fine Clean. The user-friendly EASY Operation switch and the intuitive colour-coding enable extremely easy operation. With the eco!efficiency mode, turbine power, water volume and roller speed are reduced. Water and energy are saved and the run time is increased by around 20%. (This is a configuration example. This machine is available in a range of different configurations).

          B 250 Factsheet



Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 1900 × 1060 × 1550 cm