Nilfisk CR1500 Combination Machine

£85,871.11 + VAT

Nilfisk CR 1500


When the demand is for a machine capable of really heavy-duty industrial cleaning performance, the Nilfisk CR 1500 supplies the answer.


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The Nilfisk CR1500 comes with all-steel construction, wrap-around bumpers, king-sized tanks and hopper and a powerful 3-litre engine, this combination machine is built to perform under the toughest of conditions.

The machine cleaning power is enhanced by disc brushes and a hydraulic system that provides a scrub brush pressure of 272 kg on the floor. The real performance capability of the CR1500 gives outstanding results and impressive productivity gains that quickly repay investment costs. When cleaning conditions are severe, nothing compares with the strength, power, and reliability of the Nilfisk CR1500.



Weight 1973 kg
Dimensions 2720 × 1500 × 1560 cm

Machine Key Points

  • Wide scrubbing area (137 cm), a sweeping width of 152 cm, 11 km/h working speed, plus 380 litre capacity solution and recovery tanks provide high productivity
  • A huge hopper with a 454-litre capacity provides increased operational time and a dump height of 152 cm for emptying into any container
  • Oil and grease are removed in one pass thanks to 272 kg scrubbing pressure
  • Rear-wheel power steering for better traction control
  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides first-class cleaning regardless of dirt level or floor condition

Machine Specifications

Product details Item no. 56514852
Airflow (l/sec.) 71
Brush speed/pressure (RPM/kg) 200/272
Brush/pad diameter (mm) 460
Fuel tank (l) 35
Gross weight (gvw) (kg) 2353
Hopper volume (l) 454
Length x width x height (mm) 2720x1500x1560
Main broom (mm) 36×1067
Main filter area (m²) 9.9
Max. climbing rate (%) 14
Max. dumping height (cm) 152
Max. speed (km/h) 9
Min. turn-around aisle width (cm) 305
Motor power source LPG
Motor type 4 cyl, 86HP, 3.0L
Net weight (kg) 1973
Productivity rate theoretical/ actual (m²/h) 12330/8630
Scrubbing width (mm) 1370
Side broom diameter (mm) 1×610
Solution/recovery tank (l) 380/380
Sound level 86.1
Squeegee width (mm) 1370
Sweeping width (mm) 1520
Vacuum (kPa) 8.0
Water flow (l/m) 0-13.6
Tip out recovery tank x
Power steering x
Automatic brush shut off x
Automatic squeegee lift in reverse x
No tools brush adjustment x
Adjustable steering and seat x
Back up warning alarm x
Direct throw sweeping x
Rear bumper x
Panel filter with shaker x
Automatic solution shut off x
Stainless steel container x
Disc brush version x
Variable high dump system x