Nilfisk MH 2M

The MH 2M is a compact hot water pressure washer combining robust vertical design and 1450 rpm professional motor pump units for cleaning of low to medium intensity. Ideal in sectors such as automotive, trade and small agriculture.

The MH 2M combines a well-thought and robust design with some of the traditional features of the larger machines – EcoPower boiler, duo motor, flame sensor, low fuel sensor and ceramic pistons. The MH 2M is compact, easy to store and reliabile with low running costs.

The 1450 rpm motor pump unit makes the MH 2M more adaptable for frequent cleaning applications and offers a longer lifetime and lower noise level for more comfortable use.The ECO Power boiler offers unmatched efficiency and reduced fuel consumption for a greener and more cost effective way to clean.

    • EcoPower boiler with >92% efficiency and reduced fuel cost
    • 1450 rpm motor pump unit with ceramic piston pump
    • Delayed start stop function
    • Robust steel frame
    • Compact, vertical design reducing storage footprint
    • Easy to use control panel – all controls in one place
    • Ergonomic accessory system
    • Machine protection through low fuel sensor, exhaust gas sensor, flame sensor
    • Duo motor system
    • High pressure detergent with removable detergent tank

Nilfisk MH 2M Factsheet   Nilfisk MH 2M Brochure

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 607 x 688 x 1071 cm