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  • Truvox Orbis 200 & 400 rpm

    £858.90£1,015.70 + VAT

    The Orbis range offers exceptional handling and productivity for cleaning and polishing hard floors. The handle height can be adjusted to suit cleaner requirements, and can be folded for easy storage.

    There are a wide variety of accessories available to accommodate all your cleaning requirements, including a solution tank for improved productivity when wet scrubbing and a vacuum kit for dust control.

  • Truvox Orbis Compact 28cm (11″)

    £850.15 + VAT

    With a 28 cm cleaning diameter, this rotary floor cleaner offers an effective solution for smaller and confined areas. Easy to use, the Orbis Compact features clear, simple controls and an in-line motor making the machine easy to manoeuvre.

    This compact rotary can be used to effectively clean hard floors and carpets. It’s ideal for; hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and catering facilities, schools and universities, with its compact size perfect for cleaning and scrubbing smaller or confined areas.


  • Truvox Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher

    £1,560.65 + VAT

    Featuring a 1500 rpm pad speed and 43 cm cleaning width, this high speed burnisher offers maximum productivity and provides exceptional ‘wet look’ burnishing results. Featuring straight-line operation and a lower profile for greater accessibility in hard to reach areas, the Orbis Cordless Burnisher offers a cost-effective method for burnishing.

    Benefit from ‘dust-free’ burnishing, with airflow created by the brush rotation transferring dust into the transparent dust collector, which can be easily removed for emptying.

    Being whisper quiet, this battery burnisher is ideal for polishing hard floors in retail, healthcare and educational premises. With no trailing cables, the Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher is perfect for daytime cleaning when customers, staff or patients are present.