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Floor Scrubber Hire

Nilfisk SC401 Floor Scrubber Hire

Nilfisk SC401 Scrubber Dryer hire from as little as 1 week
Long term contract hire up to 60mths

Nilfisk SC1500 Scrubber Hire

Nilfisk SC1500 floor scrubber hire from as little as 1 week
Long term contract hire up to 60mths

Why Floor Scrubber Hire Makes Sense

Many people think that nothing beats an old-fashioned approach to cleaning. While it’s true that traditional cleaning techniques have their merits, the results will never come close to what you’ll get after using a floor scrubber. If you need more convincing that it’s time to start thinking about floor scrubber machine hire, read on.

Maximum Efficiency

Even if your current cleaning team is the best in the business, tackling those larger spaces takes time. If your premises include communal spaces that experience a lot of daily foot traffic, keeping floors looking pristine is almost impossible.

These proficient machines boast internal brushes that lift away stubborn stains and persistent grime from surfaces. To give those bristles a helping hand, an integrated dispensing system constantly applies a cleaning solution. Floors that have been cleaned with a mop can take ages to dry. With a floor scrubber, an integrated vacuum removes any of this remaining water, making your surfaces safe to walk on straight away.

A Cost-Effective Approach Cleaning Solution

Many people find themselves struggling to justify the cost of purchasing a floor scrubber machine outright. This is completely understandable. A modest machine can set you back a small fortune, meaning that floor scrubbers aren’t a viable option for most businesses.

When you choose a floor scrubber rental, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the cost of a full-price machine. Only need a floor scrubber to handle occasional cleaning tasks? Once again, a rental makes sense if you’re restricted by a tight maintenance budget.

Versatile Floor-Cleaning Applications

Floor scrubbers are incredibly versatile. You won’t be able to use them on carpeted floors, but they’re suitable for almost every other type of surface. A great choice for restoring the lustre of hardwood floors, floor scrubbers can also be put to work on laminate flooring and tiled surfaces. You can even use them to cut through grime and dirt that’s accumulated on brick and stone flooring.

What Floor Scrubber Machines Are Available?

Waking up to the benefits of floor scrubbers? Before you arrange a rental, you’ll want to decide what type of floor scrubber is right for you. There are a few main types to consider. Upright machines are compact, but they’re limited to single-disc machines and floor burnishers.

They can be effective for cleaning smaller spaces and will help bring high-gloss flooring back to life. The downside? These machines aren’t particularly aggressive when it comes to cleaning, meaning they’ll struggle to get rid of grime. If you want a more practical alternative, you should think about hiring a walk behind floor scrubber.

These machines are usually larger and very well-suited to the intensive cleaning demands of commercial spaces. What’s more, the most powerful walk behind models can tackle industrial cleaning assignments. Boasting high capacities for water and cleaning solutions, they deliver a combination of intensive scrubbing action with powerful drying performance.

Finally, there are ride-on floor scrubber machines. These are perfect for industrial settings where you need to cover a lot of ground. As with walk behind machines, ride-ons combine scrubbing and drying action to clean surfaces. Because the operator sits or stands on the machine, rather than push it, there’s less effort involved in cleaning floors. If your cleaning tasks are confined to industrial settings like expansive warehouses, they’re ideal.

Floor Scrubber Rental Made Simple

If you like the idea of a floor scrubber machine, but don’t think your budget will stretch to a brand-new model, it’s tempting to settle for a second-rate option. However, this is never a good idea. When you cut corners with an inferior machine, you’ll never get the cleaning results you’re looking for. If it’s advanced cleaning technology and floor scrubbers from the best manufacturers around that you’re after, think about hiring one instead.

Interested in floor scrubber machine hire? At C L Floor Care, we offer a range of walk behind and ride-on machines for rental. Do you need some help finding the perfect fit for your cleaning tasks? Our friendly team of cleaning experts is on hand to help you find a solution that’s right for you.

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