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Our Floor Cleaning Machine Repairs: We Make It Easy

floor cleaning machineNow you own a floor cleaning machine, what happens next? Surely, you want to make sure the machine always works well and is maintained long-term. Firstly, to maintain your floor’s tip-top quality and secondly, for your own peace of mind. At CL Floorcare, we’ve got you covered. Our floor cleaning machine repairs are completed to the best standard you could hope for. There’s no question, no fuss, convenient for you and efficient. We get it done right!

Why Us for your cleaning machine repair?

At CL Floorcare our standards are extremely high. We believe in providing our customers with an extensive range of floor cleaning machines to choose from. All of our products are designed with customer satisfaction and your time management in mind.

Some of our professional product ranges include floor sweepers, pressure washers and scrubber dryers. Our floor sweeper range, including both walk-behind and ride-on sweepers. Consequently, this prevents the time-consuming labour of manual sweeping. Whether it’s a factory or a car park, we want to save you time and effort.

We even have a collection of combination machines to keep things simple. Don’t worry about external areas as we stock a variety of outdoor cleaning machines to combat tough outside surfaces.

We’re Prepared with cleaning machine repairs service

We know that machines wear down over time and machine parts get lost. Therefore, despite the extensive measures we take to protect our high-quality machines from these issues, breakdowns happen. Consequently, a breakdown of just one machine can lead to a tremendous delay in an industrial operation. This causes unneeded stress and hardship for all involved. But we plan ahead.

Our industrial floor cleaning machine repairs service is forward-thinking. As soon as an issue is raised, our floor cleaning machine technicians are here to help you. Our technicians know how to troubleshoot common problems to make your life easier. We also have a collection of spare parts and accessories for your floor cleaning machine. Therefore, being one step ahead with good planning, means we can get you back up and working.

Save You Money on Repairs

We believe in designing the most cost-effective solutions for our customers’ benefit. We understand that a machine breakage or breakdown is very stressful. That’s why we believe we provide you with the best value repair service. No sky-high prices to get it back up and running. We understand our floor cleaning machines are a life investment. Reassuring, whilst we provide a cost-effective repairs service, we do not compromise on quality or sacrifices our professional engineering.

Never A Stressful Moment

We won’t leave you hanging. Our floor cleaning machine engineer team are always available to help you, when you need it. Especially our industrial carpet cleaner servicing and industrial carpet cleaner repairs┬áteam, who are on standby in case anything goes wrong, at all times.

If you require our expert floor cleaning machine repair service, please contact CL Floorcare either by phone on 01782 749451 or send an email to