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Cleaning Machine Repairs & Servicing

Just imagine, if your combination sweeper broke down halfway through a factory clean. As a result, your factory workforce would have to wait until it was fixed. Consequently, downtime could cost your business a considerable amount of additional resources. That’s why with effective cleaning machine repairs and servicing you could avoid these problems.

That’s why our industrial floor cleaning equipment servicing is designed for just that. Even the best cleaning machine brands need care to keep providing your operators with excellent results. So it’s not surprising that your industrial floor cleaning machines, with regular servicing, will safeguard your investment. More importantly, though, they will work properly every time. That means your operators are more efficient and you don’t get that unexpected breakdown call.

At CL Floorcare, we offer service packages with our industrial-grade cleaning equipment. You can benefit from 2 to 4 service visits a year, depending on the type of purchase.

cleaning machine repairs
cleaning machine service

Why Cleaning Machine Service?

Firstly, cleaning machine service visits are recommended to ensure that your machine is always performing efficiently and safely. Otherwise, diminished performance is a common issue. Especially when working with industrial cleaning equipment. For example, due to worn-out parts.

Secondly, reduced performance can compromise the hygiene and cleanliness standards of your commercial and industrial space. Consequently, our engineers will inspect your machines to ensure they are working to specification. After all, regular servicing saves you money by preventing constant repairs and inconvenient breakdowns.

Finally, our cleaning service visits allow our technicians to detect problems before they cause you breakdowns. Early detection, of course, saves you from paying for costly repairs or replacement parts.