Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpets can be a practical floor covering for commercial spaces, offering excellent soundproofing qualities. However, carpeted floors can be hard to keep clean. Getting rid of all that accumulated dirt and dust not only leaves your space looking rough around the edges, it can lead to allergens and other pollutants lingering around. When a standard vacuum cleaner won’t do, an industrial cleaning machine is the way to go.

Industrial machines come in a range of sizes, with useful extras like extra-large water tanks and advanced cleaning wands to make quick work of the most stubborn stains. Whether you’re undertaking a daily cleaning schedule or only need to spruce up a place occasionally, these powerful machines cut through the muck in moments, leaving carpeted floors looking refreshed and free of any unsightly stains.

At C L Floorcare, you’ll find an impressive selection of industrial-grade carpet cleaning machines to choose from. Not sure where to start? Our expert team is on hand to help discuss your requirements, ensuring you always get the right machine for the job.

Our Range of Carpet Cleaners

Industrial carpet cleaning equipment come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for keeping commercial spaces looking their best. At C L Floorcare, you’ll find a full range of top commercial carpet cleaning equipment from leading brands like Nilfisk and Karcher, delivering reliable carpet-cleaning action and user-friendly design.

Professional carpet cleaning machines are ideal for larger spaces that experience considerable foot traffic. They’re a time and cost-effective choice for removing unsightly stains and ensuring upholstered surfaces remain looking like new for as long as possible. As well as removing stubborn dirt and grime, commercial carpet cleaning machines can also help eliminate unwanted odours, while also getting rid of bothersome allergens.

Whatever carpet cleaning machine you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something suitable at C L Floorcare. Only need carpet cleaning equipment as a short-term solution? Whether it’s carpet extraction machines or spot cleaning solutions you’re after, you’ll find great rates on our flexible hire packages.

Main Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpeted surfaces are a staple of many commercial environments. While they’re ideal for making a great first impression with visitors, keeping them in tip-top condition isn’t always easy. To enhance the appearance and extend the lifespan of your carpets, you’ll need the right cleaning equipment for the job.

Industrial carpet cleaning machines are heavy-duty alternatives to the kind of vacuum cleaners you’d usually use at home. They’re particularly effective at getting rid of stubborn dirt and dust, with robust designs that are well-suited to longer cleaning sessions.

Commercial carpet cleaning machines are designed for even more heavy-duty applications. Well-suited to spaces like offices, hotels, and restaurants, these premium machines are incredibly robust and ensure first-rate results, every time.

If carpeted surfaces haven’t been cleaned for some time, high-grade machines like carpet extractors are the way to go. Carpet extractors use moisture and a special cleaning compound to effectively remove dirt, dust and grime from upholstery fibres.

Features and Benefits

While you can use domestic carpet cleaners to clean smaller spaces, they’re limited when it comes to advanced cleaning features. Industrial carpet cleaners come with additional tools and features to streamline cleaning and deliver a better finish.

Need to get rid of dirt and grime that’s accumulated over a long period of time? Carpet extractors boast a variety of features that make quick work of the process. Hot water extraction tanks and reliable pump pressure come as standard. For larger spaces, go with a machine with dual tanks to save you from having to constantly replenish your water stocks.

Although commercial machines are generally larger than domestic cleaning equipment, you’ll still find plenty of compact options on the market. These cleaning machines are incredibly portable and feature extra rotating brushes to scrub carpet fibres free of any trapped particles. Want to make life easier when cleaning darker spaces? Look for machines with integrated lighting so you never miss a spot.

Other advanced features include eco-friendly water-management systems, specialist upholstery tools, and premium carpet wands. Need your carpets ready to use in a hurry? Many heavy-duty machines come with mechanisms to ensure faster drying times. All of these combine to provide quicker cleaning and significant cost savings.

Specialised Cleaning Solutions

At C L Floorcare, you’ll find all the carpet cleaning solutions you’ll ever need. Whether you’re looking to keep compact office space in check or need to scrub away stubborn stains in a sprawling exhibition centre, there’s no shortage of specialised solutions to help you with every cleaning job.

Have you spent a small fortune on high-quality carpets for your commercial space? Our range of cleaning equipment boasts top-tier upholstery cleaning capabilities that guarantee a first-rate appearance and high levels of hygiene. What’s more, our machines can be used regularly, without the worry of damaging your upholstered surfaces.

Tired of spending an age on carpet cleaning, only to find some stains that just won’t shift? When you choose a machine with hot water extraction capabilities, you say goodbye for good to those impossible cleaning jobs. By mixing hot water with cleaning detergent, even the most persistent stains will become a thing of the past.

Customer and Maintenance

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality carpet-cleaning machinery, you’re bound to encounter technical issues from time to time. Even machines from the best brands in the business can experience occasional downtime, which is why it’s so important to have the support of well-trained engineers familiar with the carpet cleaning solutions you use the most.

Even if your carpet cleaning equipment has been working fine for several years, regular maintenance is still a good idea. Qualified engineers can inspect your equipment for signs of wear and tear and help you source original replacement parts. Some carpet cleaners can even be upgraded.

At C L Floorcare, our expert team of engineers are on hand to help with any breakdown emergency or maintenance request. More cost-effective than having to replace many short-term solutions, a well-maintained carpet cleaner can continue to perform well long beyond its warranty.

Why Choose Us?

Are your carpeted surfaces looking a little tired? Is keeping a large commercial clean a challenge? Industrial carpet cleaners are an essential asset to any business. While compact vacuums can make quick work of smaller spaces, you’ll need a heavy-duty alternative to take care of those larger cleaning tasks.

At C L Floorcare, you’ll find an exhaustive range of carpet cleaning equipment to choose from. Take your pick from some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the business, or speak to us about other industrial cleaning solutions.

Do you want to discuss your cleaning requirements with the team? Call 01782 749451 to speak to the team. Failing that, you can use the contact form to get in touch or send an email enquiry to

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  • **Refurbished** Taski, Nilfisk & Assorted Other Cleaning Machines

    An assortment of choice cleaning machines, from top brands Taski and Nilfisk, amongst others. These machines have been refurbished to an extremely high standard and have been thoroughly inspected.

    Three-month warranty on all refurbished machines. Collection and delivery options available (delivery at buyers’ expense only).

  • Viper CEX410 Self Contained Carpet ExtractorViper CEX410 Self Contained Carpet Extractor

    Viper CEX410 Carpet Extractor

    £1,400.56 + VAT

    The machine is equipped with large capacity tanks; 35L solution and 23L recovery made of ridged, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly polyethylene. The handle can easily be adjusted for different operator heights to obtain an ergonomic working position.

  • Nilfisk ES300Nilfisk ES300

    Nilfisk ES300 Carpet Cleaner

    £3,817.95 + VAT

    The Nilfisk ES300 has a front-mounted drain hose that makes emptying the recovery tank simple.

    A new brush head creates greater contact with the carpet and improved suction, leaving carpets dryer after cleaning. Finally, the compact design on the Nilfisk ES300 makes storage and maintenance user friendly.

    If you would like to know more information on safety when using carpet cleaners, click here to view our top safety tips.

    You can also find us on Facebook at CL Floor Care.


  • Karcher BRS 43/500 CKarcher BRS 43/500 C

    Karcher BRS 43/500 C

    £3,155.04 + VAT

    Karcher BRS 43/500 C


    Karcher Carpet cleaner BRS 43/500 C Interim cleaning works by spraying the carpet with water and detergent, agitating with counter-rotating brushes and vacuuming 20 minutes later with an upright vacuum cleaner. The carpet is then ready for re-entering. By using Kärcher’s innovative Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner RM 768 detergent, which encapsulates dirt particles to separate them from the carpet fibres, the interim process is highly effective and gives amazing results quickly.


    Key facts:

    2 contra-rotating rollers

    • High cleaning performance through high contact pressure.
    • Simultaneously cleans deep into the pile from two sides and raises the pile.
    • Ensures uniform floor contact also on uneven surfaces.

    2 in 1

    • Cleans and brushes at the same time.
    • Includes waste container.





    Karcher Carpet cleaner BRS 43/500 C     Karcher Carpet cleaner BRS 43/500 C





    • Area performance (Deep cleaning/interim cleaning “iCapsol”) (m²/h)300
    • Vacuum-
    • Spray pressure-
    • Spray rate (l/min)0,38
    • Air flow-
    • Voltage (V)220-240
    • Frequency (Hz)50
    • Interim cleaning (bar)3,4
    • Spray pressure, deep cleaning-
    • Spray rate, interim cleaning (l/min)0,38
    • Deep cleaning-
    • Working width, vacuum-
    • Fresh / waste water tank (l)7,5
    • Power rating fan-
    • Power rating brush (W)370
    • Weight without accessories (kg)25
    • Weight (with accessories) (kg)29,65
    • Weight incl. packaging (kg)32
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)400 x 460 x 1160
  • Karcher Carpet cleaner BRC 30/15 CKarcher Carpet cleaner BRC 30/15 C

    Karcher Carpet cleaner BRC 30/15 C

    £3,001.32 + VAT

    This Karcher carpet cleaner machine is designed to be exceptionally easy to use, and provides superb deep cleaning results. Using the spray-extraction method with a rotating brush and high suction power, the BRC 30/15 C deep cleans in a single pass and helps carpets to dry out very quickly.

    Features and benefits
    High cleaning performance
    • Roller brush assists deep cleaning action.
    • Floating roller brush for uniform cleaning performance.
    • Revives pile giving carpets a fresh new look.
    Compact dimensions.
    • Ideal for areas between 200 m² and 800 m².
    • Easy storage.
    • Easy to transport.

    Karcher brochure

    BRC 30/15 C Brochure  BRC 30/15c Factsheet

  • Karcher cleaning machine

    Karcher BRC 45/45 C Carpet Cleaner

    £8,496.18 + VAT

    As well as giving superb deep cleaning results in a single pass, the 45/45 can be used for interim two-stage cleaning, providing fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, with very short drying times. Using Kärcher’s iCapsol detergent, medium-large area carpets can be cleaned and ready for vacuuming within 20 minutes.

    Features and benefits
    Floating brush head with contra-rotating roller brushes
    • Two roller brushes for high cleaning performance.
    • Simultaneously cleans deep into the pile from two sides.
    • Ensures uniform floor contact also on uneven surfaces.
    Working direction, forwards or backwards
    • Working direction adjustable to carpet.
    • Cleaning direction selectable by folding push handle.
    • Ergonomic working position for carpet cleaning – forwards and backwards.

     BRC 45/45C Brochure       BRC 45/45C Factsheet