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Whether you have a walk-behind or ride-on scrubber dryer, there is no doubt that it is convenient. However, many people do not realise that regular maintenance of your scrubber dryer is very important.

The Benefits Of Scrubber Dryer Servicing

Whatever the size of your premises – and whether they are commercial or industrial – your scrubber dryer will inevitably see a lot of wear and tear. Its supportive components such as pipes, brushes and fillers need to be regularly inspected and if necessary, replaced so that the machine continues to give an optimum performance. If left too long, you run the risk of your scrubber dryer not achieving the high levels of hygiene that is necessary for your business premises or to abide by health and safety regulations.
Scrubber dryer
In the worst-case scenario, the machine could break down completely, leading to a loss of valuable manpower hours – and income – as cleaning must be done with a brush and/or mop.

Another problem of not maintaining your machine properly is that it could put a strain on the machine so that damage is done to its other components. In the long run, scrubber dryer repairs are much more expensive than a regular service.

Why Choose CL Floorcare For Your Scrubber Dryer Repairs and Service?

One of the benefits of using our scrubber dryer repair service is that it is highly flexible. You can choose between 2-4 visits per year depending on the type of scrubber dryer you have.

Another reason is that our engineers are experts in the field. Their years of experience is regularly updated by their attendance at training courses organised by the leading scrubber dryer manufacturers, including Nilfisk and Karcher.

Using our scrubber dryer repair service can save you a great deal of time. We guarantee that we will respond quickly to your call for help. All our vehicles are fully stocked with all the standard replacement components so you won’t waste even more time waiting for a spare part to arrive.

The Purchase Or Hire Of Scrubber Dryers

Apart from offering high-quality scrubber dryer servicing and repairs, at CL Floorcare we have a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning machines for purchase or hire (both short and long-term contracts). If you have any queries, our experienced team of representatives are on hand to talk you through your options so you can find the right machine tailor-made to meet your requirements – whatever the size or type of business you have.