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Industrial Pressure Washer Hire

Contemplating a long-overdue deep clean, but don’t think your usual equipment is up to the job? Nothing cuts through grime quite like a pressure washer. These reliable cleaning machines use highly pressurised water jets to tackle layers of grease, grime and dirt, no matter how ground-on it is. When used along with cleaning chemicals, they’re even more effective.

Many people struggle to justify the cost of purchasing one of these machines if they only need it occasionally. However, you can still reap the benefits of pressurised washing with jet wash hire from CL Floorcare.

Choosing the Right Kind of Pressure Washer

While every pressure washer is designed to remove tough layers of grease and grime, there are several different types of this heavy-duty cleaning machine available. At CL Floorcare, we offer a range of pressure washers for hire from some of the most reputable manufacturers around, including Nilfisk and Karcher.

pressure washer

Hot Pressure Washer Hire

Commonly used by the transport, restaurant and hospitality sectors, water is heated to high temperatures in an onboard storage tank before it’s released at incredibly high pressures. Think about hiring one if:

  • You have a fixed cleaning bay in place and need to keep areas sterile.
  • You’re working in low-temperature environments where cold water is likely to be ineffective.
  • You have industrial cleaning requirements but don’t want to depend heavily on chemicals.

Portable Cold Water Pressure Washers

These pressure washers are designed for less demanding cleaning tasks but still produce powerful jets that are more than capable of removing ground-on dirt and debris. A portable cold water washer could be right for you if any of the below applies:

  • You need to clean an outdoor space with large dimensions and an awkward layout.
  • You won’t have access to mains electricity, so need to rely on diesel or natural gas to power a pressure washer.
  • You want to clean a variety of surface materials, such as plastic, wood, vehicle exteriors, and more.

Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers

If a cold water power washer won’t do, it’s time to break out the big guns. Hot water power washers use the same high temperatures and pressures as their static counterparts, but allow you to move around freely. Think about using one if:

  • You need to travel to different locations to undertake cleaning tasks.
  • You don’t want to travel with heavy cleaning chemicals and other supplies.
  • You’re tight on time and need to clean a large area quickly.
Pressure Washer

Why Hiring a Jet Washer Makes Sense

Unless you have a daily need for the high-powered performance of a pressure washer, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a new machine outright. Need more reasons to choose pressure washer hire over purchasing one? Below are some just a few things to consider:

  • Premium Machines from the Best Brands: Rather than save money on an inferior machine, you can access the very best equipment on the market when you choose pressure washer hire instead.
  • A Different Machine for Every Application: Sometimes you’ll need the heavy-duty performance of a static pressure washer. Other times, a portable solution may be required. Rather than buy additional pressure washers for one-off tasks, hire them instead.
  • Zero Maintenance: When you hire a pressure washer, you don’t have to worry about getting to grips with all those time-consuming maintenance tasks. Our team ensures every machine you hire is in optimal condition, leaving you free to tackle the cleaning itself. See our pressure washer repair & servicing page for more info.

Get in Touch About Jet Wash Hire

If you’ve ruled out the idea of buying a pressure washer outright, don’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning with inferior machinery. Instead, make the right choice and hire one instead. Searching for a reliable power washer hire provider? Here at CL Floorcare, we’ve got plenty of options for you to consider.

If you need some help selecting the right machine for your cleaning requirements, our expert team is ready to provide you with the insights you need to find the perfect match.

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