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  • **EX DISPLAY VERSION** Nilfisk SC500 Scrubber Dryer

    £4,901.90 + VAT

    The SC500 is a reliable choice for cleaning companies, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, hotels and production floors.

    Productivity is taken to a new level with the automatic adjustment of the water/detergent solution flow according to the speed of the machine. Using this control ensures consistent cleaning results and optimises the consumption of water and chemicals, ensuring the operator can focus on getting the job done. Cleaning costs are reduced due to several features.

    The sustainable Nilfisk Ecoflex system offers very flexible use of detergent and also water-only cleaning, just by pushing a button. Also driving down costs is the opportunity to introduce more daytime cleaning due to the remarkably low sound level of the SC500.

  • **Refurbished** Taski, Nilfisk & Assorted Other Cleaning Machines

    An assortment of choice cleaning machines, from top brands Taski and Nilfisk, amongst others. These machines have been refurbished to an extremely high standard and have been thoroughly inspected.

    Three-month warranty on all refurbished machines. Collection and delivery options available (delivery at buyers’ expense only).

  • 4x4SD 5KW Industrial 3 Phase Machine

    Entry level 3 phase 9 Bar, tough and powerful steam cleaning machine

    The 4x4SD5KW is lighter and more compact that other industrial steam cleaners, but still packs a punch delivering steam at 9 Bar pressure. The 4x4SD5KW is ideal for smaller industrial environments that still require serious cleaning capacity. Whether it is a food processing site or light industrial engineering, this machine is more than capable of achieving the desired results. Easily manoeuvrable and simple to operate, makes this machine a very popular model for those environments where areas are difficult to clean due to lack of space.

    Full steam and detergent kits are supplied as standard. An optional vacuum kit is also available (KIT1000), this will allow you to easily remove any residue from surfaces and in particular floor areas which will also prevent any slips and trips in the workplace.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Continuous fill boiler (allowing refill at any time during operation)
    • Steam regulator to adjust the power of the steam
    • Versatile heavy duty machine
    • Industrial puncture proof all terrain wheels
  • Nilfisk VL100 E Vacuum Cleaner

    £213.74£428.03 + VAT

    The VL100 is a simple and easy to use wet & dry vacuum cleaner requiring minimum training to enable use or service. Basic in construction yet robust in design, the VL100 is reliable and provides an efficient cleaning performance.

    Attractively priced with minimal maintenance, the VL100 ensures a good quality affordable vacuum cleaner with a very low Total Cost of Ownership.


  • VHS120CB HC

    £2,448.52 + VAT

    The focus here is on providing total safety. The building and construction industrial vacuum cleaners are a H Class vacuum to collect very fine materials safely. With our simple solution to complex cleaning requirements, all you need to do is plug and play.

    The Building and Construction industrial vacuum cleaner is a VHS120 H Class third-party certified appliance. This vacuum represents the pinnacle of industrial cleaning suitable for collecting hazardous materials and is perfect for any construction cleaning requirements.

    The absolute HEPA14 filter (which is standard on this H Class vacuum variant) retains the finest dust. It is equipped with the Longopac┬« system (included in the kit), which is ideal for vacuuming and bagging material safely. The system enables the material to be collected directly in “endless” polythene bags, which can be closed and disposed of quickly. You can clean in total safety without encountering debris.

    Being specially designed for the Building and Construction industry, this machine is equipped with the new anti-shock accessories kit, which has the function to dissipate any static charges caused by the passage of dust. With specialised industrial cleaning equipment, your facility will be up to industry regulations to provide safe and efficient work sites.

    This kit includes; a conductive hose, a conductive cone, an antistatic round brush and a specific anti-shock nozzle with silicone lips that can also be stored in the tool basket. These are all included to ensure a safe work environment and a top-quality clean.

  • Viper CEX410 Self Contained Carpet ExtractorViper CEX410 Self Contained Carpet Extractor

    Viper CEX410 Carpet Extractor

    £1,400.56 + VAT

    The machine is equipped with large capacity tanks; 35L solution and 23L recovery made of ridged, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly polyethylene. The handle can easily be adjusted for different operator heights to obtain an ergonomic working position.

  • Viper DSU-15 VacuumViper DSU-15 Vacuum

    Viper DSU Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    £99.68£131.46 + VAT

    You will find the Viper DSU-10/12/15 Vacuum ideally suitable for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaurants, retail outlets and light to medium duty applications.

    The Viper DSU product family is made up of the DSU-10, DSU-12 and DSU-15. They have different tank capacities, an ergonomic design and they are easy to service.