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  • Viper AS530RViper AS530R

    Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer Special Offer


    Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer


    Using the Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer provides the same level of comfort as the larger ride-on scrubber dryer: The intuitive display with all major functions and the battery status makes it easy to control, together with the large buttons, and the clear view of the water/detergent level indicator. Also adding to the user comfort is the USB-port for fast charging of cell phones and tablets. 

    The big steering wheel ensures that the AS530R is easy to manoeuvre with minimum training, and when driving, comfort is added by the automatic braking system engaged when the pedal is released. Another benefit is that the squeegee can be placed on the hanger behind the main body when the machine is driving through narrow passages.


    All handling can easily be carried out when it is time to empty, refill or clean the tanks of the scrubber dryer.

    Service and maintenance are also convenient, i.e. with direct access to dismounting or mounting of the driving motor if needed. All in all, the AS530R is easy to use and offers fast, effective cleaning at a very competitive price.



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    Key Point:


      • An integrated on-board charger enables easy plug-in and battery charge at any outlet
      • Water solution level indicator with volume visible on the tank
      • Large opening to the 73 litre recovery tank allows easy cleaning
      • Built-in squeegee hanging system on recovery tank for easy machine transfer in narrow areas
      • Productivity: Working width 53 cm, Squeegee width 73 cm
      • Versatility: Cleans tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces
      • Efficiency: Speed 5.5 km/h, Climb rate 10%
      • High performance: Brush pressure 23 kg, Brush speed 160 rpm
      • Low sound level: 69 dB(A) enabling daytime cleaning
      • Robust design: Front bumper, strong main frame and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee
      • User-friendly dashboard: Intuitive display and buttons


    Technical specifications

    Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 69
    Productivity rate (m²/ h) 2650
    Solution flow rate gpm (l/min.) 0.84-2.0
    Cleaning width (mm) 530
    Max. climbing rate (%) 10%
    Solution tank (l) 72
    Recovery tank (l) 73
    Front wheel dimensions (cm) 17.5
    Rear wheel dim (cm) / type 23
    Squeegee width (mm) 730
    Brush diameter (mm) 530
    Brush speed (rpm) 160
    Charging system 24V 10A
    Max. speed (km/h) 5.5
    Packaging dimensions 1470x730x1310mm

    Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer         SDV4500 Ex Demo


  • Sale! Nilfisk MH 4MNilfisk MH 4M

    Nilfisk MH 3C-90/670 UK Pressure Washer Special Offer

    £3,300.62 £2,820.00

    Nilfisk MH 3C


    The versatile Nilfisk MH 3C combines low running costs, high performance, ease of use, best in class mobility and great cleaning efficiency.


    The innovative design makes it easy to move over all types of surfaces. The Ergo accessory system contributes to even more comfortable use of the machine and assures durability and reliability.


    At C L Floorcare we also offer repairs on pressure washers.


    Key Facts:
      • EcoPower™ boiler with EcoMode function
      • EcoPower™ boiler >92% efficiency giving reduced fuel costs
      • Brass pump head
      • Pressure activated unloader system
      • Innovative design with 4 big wheels
      • Easy to transport, can even be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces
      • Oil tank and oil sight
      • Onboard diagnostics function




    Brochure           Factsheet



    Nilfisk MH 3C


  • Sale! Nilfisk SW750Nilfisk SW750

    Nilfisk SW750 Sweeper Special Offer!

    £2,892.00 £2,784.00

    Nilfisk SW750


    The Nilfisk SW750  is suitable for daytime cleaning without risk of causing disturbance. The entire design is so efficient and cleverly thought-out, that productivity is assured even with an inexperienced operator, while operating costs are minimized.


    Key facts:


    • Silent running. At just 59 dbA, the SW 750 can be used in even the most noise sensitive areas


    • Onboard battery (46Ah) and battery charger come as supplied as standard. The battery provides up to 2 hours run time on hard floors, allowing sweeping of approximately 6,000 sq.mtrs. Optional 77 Ah battery increases running time to 3.5 hours


    • The main and side brushes are adjustable to ensure perfect pressure on the floor at all times and in all conditions


    • Polyester filter to be used in both wet and dry applications




    SW750      Nilfisk SW750




    Nilfisk SW750

    Product details Item no. CM908 4701 010-02
    Hopper volume (l) 60
    Max. speed (km/h) 4
    Motor power source Battery 12V
    Length x width x height (mm) 998x800x1100
    Operating weight (kg) 68
    Max. dumping height (cm)
    Min. turn-around aisle width (cm)
    Max. climbing rate (%) 20
    Side broom diameter (mm) 315
    Working width with right side broom (mm) 720
    Working width with 2 side brooms (mm)
    Main filter area (m²) 1
    Motorbrand Amer
    Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 59
    Main broom (mm) 500×200
    Main broom speed (RPM) 335
    Side broom speed (RPM) 100
    Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) 2880/1730
    Productivity 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (m²/h)
    LED battery meter X
    Compact design X
    Direct throw sweeping X
    Non marking traction wheels X
    Adjustable handle x
    Onboard charger x
    Manual filter shaker x


  • Sale! Nilfisk SC430 Scrubber DryerNilfisk SC430 Scrubber Dryer

    Nilfisk SC430 Scrubber dryer Special Offer!

    £2,640.00 £2,520.00

    Nilfisk SC430 Scrubber Dryer


    Nilfisk SC430 scrubber dryer offers value for money and is available in a full package version that includes batteries, on-board charger as well as brush and squeegee – everything you need to get your cleaning going!

    The Nilfisk SC430 scrubber dryer is listed on the Water Technology List . Purchasing a Nilfisk water efficient cleaning machine that is listed on the Water Technology List will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and claim ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA can reduce a tax bill by £20 for every £100 spent, assuming that a business pays 20% Corporation Tax in the year of investment. Find out more about the ECA Water Scheme


    Key points:
    • Easy to use with one touch button that activates all scrubbing functions
    • Integrated solution tank and recovery tank for high capacity
    • Compatible with all Nilfisk accessories
    • Excellent water pick-up
    • Listed on the Water Technology List – qualifies for ECA


    Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer                  Viper AS 530R Scrubber Dryer