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  • Nilfisk VL100 E Vacuum Cleaner


    The VL100 is a simple and easy to use wet & dry vacuum cleaner requiring minimum training to enable use or service. Basic in construction yet robust in design, the VL100 is reliable and provides an efficient cleaning performance.

    Attractively priced with minimal maintenance, the VL100 ensures a good quality affordable vacuum cleaner with a very low Total Cost of Ownership.



    Viper CEX410 Carpet Extractor


    The machine is equipped with large capacity tanks; 35L solution and 23L recovery made of ridged, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly polyethene. The handle can easily be adjusted for different operator heights to obtain an ergonomic working position.


  • Nilfisk MC 2CNilfisk MC 3C

    Nilfisk MC 2C Pressure Washer


    The Nilfisk MC 2C line comprises models designed for routine semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites or for rentals. The mobile unit associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power.

    The compact design of the MC 2C makes it easy to transport and store because of the size of the machine.

  • Viper DSU-15 VacuumViper DSU-15 Vacuum

    Viper DSU Dry Vacuum Cleaner


    You will find the Viper DSU-10/12/15 Vacuum ideally suitable for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaurants, retail outlets and light to medium duty applications.

    The Viper DSU product family is made up of the DSU-10, DSU-12 and DSU-15. They have different tank capacities, an ergonomic design and they are easy to service.