Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

To keep shared spaces and large work areas looking their best, you need to invest in industrial floor cleaning machines. An industrial floor scrubber, sweeper or steamer won’t just ensure your space looks great, they’ll allow you to maintain a safe and healthy environment. You’ll also streamline your cleaning and maintenance operations. Floor cleaning equipment can deliver far better results than manual cleaning in a fraction of the time. As well as saving you money, industrial cleaning machines free up your teams to focus on more important tasks.

How Does an Industrial Floor Cleaner Work?

There are many different types of cleaning machines out there, with each one best suited to a specific task. Combination machines like scrubber dryers are particularly popular, offering an eco-friendly way of keeping hard surfaces clean. An industrial floor scrubber machine uses rotating brushes and cleaning solutions to remove stubborn surface stains before excess water is mopped away in a single pass. Ride-on scrubber dryers are a common sight in industrial settings like warehouses where a lot of ground needs to be covered.

Floor sweepers are another popular choice. This type of machine replaces manual brushing with two rotating disc brushes, sweeping away dirt and collecting it for later disposal. They’re often used in warehouses and larger industrial facilities. Ride-on sweepers let you cover vast sections quickly, while walk-behind models let you target awkward corners and tight spaces.

These are just two examples. At C L Floorcare, we stock a huge range of industrial floor cleaning equipment, including steamers, vacuum cleaners, single disc cleaners, burnishers, and more.

Why Choose Our Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines?

We stock quality machines from tried and trusted brands like Nilfisk. Viper and Karchers. Our product range is packed with cutting-edge floor cleaning solutions, with innovative features to streamline floor cleaning and maintenance operations. Looking to make your business more sustainable? A floor cleaning machine relies less on chemical agents, greatly reducing your impact on the environment.

A short-term investment in industrial floor cleaners pays off in the long run. You’ll be spending less on manual cleaning teams, not to mention all those hand tools and cleaning solutions they depend on. Some machines can even be used to complete multiple cleaning tasks.

Find the Perfect Floor Cleaning Machine in Our Extensive Range

Not sure what floor cleaning machine you need? Whatever your requirements, there’s an industrial floor cleaner solution for every task.

Floor Scrubbers and Scrubber Dryers

An industrial floor scrubber uses fast-action cleaning solutions and powerful brush systems to remove stubborn stains, while combination machines take care of the drying change. They can also be used on a wide variety of hard surfaces.

Floor Sweepers

These machines are a must if you want to keep a warehouse free of dust. Available in ride-on and walk-behind varieties, these advanced sweeping systems effectively collect fine particles from any surface, storing dirt and debris in a hopper for disposal. They’re a time-efficient alternative to manual cleaning, with battery-operated machines offering you enhanced flexibility.

Single disc cleaners

These versatile machines can scrub floors, smooth surfaces, polish, and wax. When used regularly, they can extend the lifespan of your flooring materials considerably.

Floor Burnishers

These floor cleaning machines are used to keep hard floors looking pristine and are brought out after a buffer has worked its magic. Operating at very high speeds, they can deliver results with just a few passes.

Benefits of High-Quality Floor Cleaning Equipment

Manual cleaning takes time. Using machines means you can cover more ground in next to no time. What’s more, you remove the chance of human error. In environments where hygiene is important, the reliability of a floor cleaner is invaluable. If you’re working in a space that needs to be dust-free, only a high-quality floor cleaner can be counted on to provide the cleaning results you’re looking for.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Floor Cleaner

First, consider what surfaces you need to clean regularly. If there is a range of brick, hardwood and carpeted surfaces, you’ll probably need to use more than a single floor cleaning machine. Next, think about what type of stains and surface debris you need to clean. Dust can be handled by an industrial vacuum cleaner or sweeper, but tougher stains will require a heavy-duty machine like a scrubber.

How much space do you need to cover? A ride-on scrubber is perfect for large warehouses, but can’t be used to clean smaller spaces. You also need to consider power sources. If mains power isn’t within reach, you may need to think about battery-powered solutions.

Who is currently responsible for cleaning? If you go with an advanced machine, your maintenance team may have to undergo some training before being able to use it. Finally, how often do you need to clean surfaces? Some cleaners are designed for daily use, while more high-powered machines should be used occasionally.

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’re ready to make your choice.

Get in Touch to Discuss Your Industrial Cleaning Needs

Looking for industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines? C L Floorcare has everything you need. Need some help finding the right machine for your requirements? Our team is on hand to discuss your needs and help you find the best possible match. What’s more, five-star service doesn’t stop once you’ve received your order. We provide follow-up maintenance on the machines we sell, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition for longer.

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