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Reconditioned Floor Scrubber Dryers

Reconditioned scrubber dryers are worth the investment when it comes to hard floor surfaces in industrial and commercial applications. For example, for their manoeuvrability, high performance and durability. Although, finding good reconditioned floor scrubber dryers is not usually easy. Moreover, it’s especially difficult if you intend to buy an affordable one.

Fortunately, our customers have the choice of second-hand floor scrubber machines. They are just as much suited for heavy-duty cleaning as brand new floor scrubbers. A reconditioned floor scrubber dryer is available at a fraction of the price of a new one. For example, you may be a professional cleaning business looking for the right machine for the job. Alternatively, you could be a company buying machines for in-house use. Whatever your needs or situation, CL Floor Care are ready to help.

NILFISK SC450 – Scrubber Dryer (Refurbished Machine)

Tennant 5680 Scrubber Dryer

NILFISK BA531 – Scrubber Dryer (Refurbished Machine)

Powerful Reconditioned Floor Scrubber Machines

Accessibility is another big advantage of a second-hand scrubber dryers. For example, you may have an urgent cleaning project with a limited budget and tight deadline. Consequently, a reconditioned floor scrubber is an easy way to solve the problem. Moreover, we have several used floor scrubber dryers available for hire or sale. Reassuringly, a reconditioned scrubber dryer has to undergo extensive safety and performance checks. This ensures that it meets the required standards. For this reason, customers can always count on our floor scrubbers to be in the best conditions. You won’t have to fret about servicing machines before using them.

Dedicated Support For Your Floor Scrubber Machine

Whether you are hiring a scrubber dryer or buying a used scrubber dryer, we insist on the highest quality of services. Therefore, we carry various scrubber dryer spare parts in case your machine requires replacement. Additionally, you can get advice about the right products to use for cleaning the equipment. Our trained technicians are available to help with repairs when needed. We stock different models to ensure that customers get machines that are compatible with their needs.

Meeting your commercial or industrial cleaning applications does not have to cost too much. With a reconditioned scrubber dryer from CL Floor Care, you can clean a variety of hard surfaces.