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Road Sweeper Hire

Looking for a cost-effective way to keep outdoor surfaces clean? There’s only so much ground you can cover with a team of manual cleaners, while brooms aren’t going to put a dent in all that dust and debris. When it comes to tackling large surface areas efficiently, road sweepers are the way to go.

Purchasing a fleet of road sweepers outright isn’t financially feasible for most businesses, but there are other options. With road sweeper hire, you can access first-rate machines from the biggest brands on the market, without breaking the bank.

What’s more, thanks to flexible rental terms, you only pay for a machine when you need it. Whether it’s a public road, office car park, or construction site that needs cleaning, road sweeper rental makes complete sense.

Nilfisk City Ranger 2250

Egholm City Ranger 2260 hire from as little as 1 week
Long term contract hire up to 60 months             


   road sweeper hire

Egholm Park Ranger 2150 hire from as little as 1 week
Long term contract hire up to 60 months

Why Hire a Road Sweeper?

Cleaning exterior surfaces like car parks and roads manually isn’t an option. However, these outdoor spaces need to look their best, which is where road sweepers come into play.

Incredibly efficient and reliable, road sweepers are the best choice for keeping outdoor surfaces looking their best. However, these tough cleaning machines do much more than improve aesthetics.

Along with dust, road sweepers remove larger particles from surfaces, including potentially hazardous materials like glass and metal. This leaves surfaces free of any objects that might pose a safety risk to vehicles.

As well as keeping roads safer for cyclists and motorists, road sweepers have other benefits. By keeping urban areas free of debris, there’s less chance of drains becoming blocked in the event of torrential rain.

Dust control is a key concern in urban environments, especially if roads are old or haven’t been resurfaced in some time. Road sweepers can also help improve the air quality of towns and cities by removing dust and finer particles from surfaces.

Smaller road sweepers can even be used in places like construction sites, helping keep workspaces free of harmful particulates that are hazardous to human health.

Our Road Sweeper Fleet

Searching for reliable road sweepers from the biggest brands in the business? At CL Floorcare, you’ll find an unbeatable range of road sweepers, with machines from leading manufacturers like Nilfisk and Karcher.

Need to keep a construction site free of dust? Our mounted road sweepers for hire are perfect for covering more ground. Looking to tackle less demanding tasks in smaller spaces? Take your pick from a selection of our industrial floor sweeping machines that are ideal for navigating around awkward corners or cleaning compact areas.

Whatever model you decide on, you can look forward to the very best performance and the latest road-sweeping technology. From high-capacity dust collectors to self-drive machines, you’ll find something to suit every requirement in our range.

Flexible Hire Terms

Looking for a car park sweeper rental supplier? Perhaps you’re searching for affordable street sweeper hire solutions. Whether you have a tight timeline in place or want a more open-ended option, you’ve come to the right place.

CL Floorcare offers a variety of road sweet hire options. You can book a rental for as little as one week, or make a saving with long-term hires for up to 60 months. Need to extend the terms of your rental agreement? With our flexible hire service, you can.

Why Choose CL Floor Care?

Need a road sweeper for a big cleaning project? Whether it’s a car park that hasn’t been cleaned for months or a surface seriously in need of some dust suppression, road sweepers are the option. Rather than spend a small fortune on a brand-new machine you’ll rarely use, why not rent one instead?

At CL Floor Care, we offer an extensive selection of road sweeper machines from the most reputable manufacturers around. Only need a road sweeper for a week? Perhaps you’re after a machine for a months-long project.

With our flexible rental packages, you’ll only pay for a road sweeper when you need to. First time hiring a road sweeper? Turn to our experienced team to help you find the right machine for your requirements.

Get in touch with the CL Floor Care team today on 01782 749451. Alternatively, send us an email at or use the online contact form to let us know what you need.