Ride On Sweepers

Ride on sweepers are compact, manoeuvrable and reliable. They are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind and guarantee a high level of productivity. CL Floor Care offers a wide range of ride on floor sweepers. For example, for medium-sized applications like warehouses to larger, heavy-duty environments. We’ll help you find the right ride on floor sweeper for your application at the best value.

ride on floor sweepers

Say goodbye to dust and dirt with our range of ride on sweeping machines. While some businesses can keep their floorspace neat and tidy with a simple dustpan and brush combo, medium to large businesses require more efficient and heavy-duty equipment. CL Floorcare carries a wide range of floor sweepers from various manufacturers like Nilfisk and Karcher. Therefore, we can save you time and labour cost. Just some of the main benefits these machines provide. Here’s more about the benefits that a ride on floor sweeper can provide your business and examples of typical applications.

Ride on Floor Sweepers Nilfisk and Karcher

We understand that time is money. Reassuringly, you can cut down on your labour expenses by keeping your floors clean and tidy with our ride on floor sweepers. Get the right cleaning equipment for the job. Moreover, cleaning floors without the right equipment is not only time-consuming, back-breaking, it can kick up more dust onto the floors. Reasons enough to consider investing in the right tools for the job?

Our industrial equipment can clean greater surface areas quickly and more effectively, resulting in a lower overall cost of labour. Furthermore, faster cleaning times mean less of an obstruction to you and your employees.

Reduce Occupational Safety Hazards

For medium to large businesses, such as large car parks and warehouses, dustpans and brushes just won’t get the job done. Walk behind sweepers are also less efficient and safe than a ride on floor sweeper for these applications.

Moreover, you’ll want your cleaning staff to be working in a safe environment. Our floor sweepers reduce their exposure to breathing in dust, mould, and bacterial growth which can accumulate on floors.

Industrial Floor sweeper Maintenance and Repairs

CL Floor Care is your best choice for regular floor cleaning repairs and servicing of your industrial floor care equipment. We’ve got qualified repair technicians that can keep your machine running in great condition for years to come because we aim to achieve the highest standards.

Our technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience working with your floor cleaning equipment. Your ride on sweeping machine is a big investment, so you should endeavour to let qualified technicians, like ours, keep it in good working order. We can reduce your chance of breakdowns with regular services and quick repair responses.

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If you’ve got an enquiry regarding our floor care equipment, we’d like to hear from you. We realise that every client has their own personalised needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Learn more about the benefits of our high-quality floor cleaning equipment.

To find out more about our range of ride on floor sweepers for sale or hire, click on the products below.

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  • Viper ROS1300 Ride-On Sweeper

    £10,034.18 + VAT

    From large warehouses and industrial areas to commercial complexes, schools, and colleges – keep dust and debris under control quickly and efficiently. Seen from your operator’s point of view, we’ve made it easy. Simple, intuitive controls like the one-touch start help you get to work instantly and stay in control. While smart, tool-free maintenance means your operator won’t be phased by time-consuming routine tasks.

    Built for all-around safety, this is a sweeper that maintains productivity while ensuring a safer working environment for everyone. Optimized for cleaning at scale and with the capacity to keep sweeping up slopes, the ROS1300 is truly a productive performer.

  • Nilfisk SR1000SNilfisk SR1000S

    Nilfisk SR1000SB Ride-On Sweeper

    £8,790.97 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SR1000S is recommended for loading bays, station platforms or warehouses with narrow aisles.


  • Nilfisk SR1101BNilfisk SR1101B

    Nilfisk SR1101B Ride-On Floor Sweeper

    £13,855.14£14,511.74 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SR1101 Sweeper makes cleaning both economical and productive. The easy to operate and self-explanatory operating panel means less operator training time needed.

    The Nilfisk SR1101 Sweepers are available in both battery and petrol versions for indoor or outdoor operation with a large range of optional accessories which provides the right tools for specific jobs. Accessory flexibility permits better and faster cleaning.

    Light debris in corners or above floor level can be quickly collected with the remote onboard vacuum system. The 70-litre hopper offers greater debris collection and less time spent emptying.

  • Nilfisk SW4000Nilfisk SW4000

    Nilfisk SW4000 Floor Sweeper

    £23,820.39 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SW4000 has a one Touch Sweeping is one of the key features making it easy, economical and safe to operate the SW4000.

    All functions – main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional Dust Guard – are activated and terminated simultaneously so that no brooms or fans are running needlessly when the sweeper stands still. The side brooms have no belts which can break or require changing, thus reducing wear and the cost of ownership.

    Maintenance is easy as no tools are required for broom and filter removal, also easy access to all components makes maintenance and service fast and uncomplicated. The foam-filled wheels do not go flat or need refills, but add to reliability and comfort. The retractable hopper can be closed from the operator compartment allowing the operator to drive away immediately after dumping into a skip/bin.

    The comfortable compartment is easy to access, has an adjustable seat and provides an unobstructed view of the brooms and working area.

    Hire options are also available on most floor sweepers

  • Nilfisk SW5500Nilfisk SW5500

    Nilfisk SW5500 Floor Sweeper

    £30,395.10£31,092.17 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SW5500 has daily benefits like creating a safer environment and lowering the total cost of ownership make this machine an attractive choice for contract cleaners, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centres, sports arenas, parking lots of large retail stores or shopping malls and multi-storey car parks.

    At the same time, the Nilfisk SW5500 provides more sustainability with the optional hybrid technology reducing emission and the level of noise. Here’s what the Nilfisk SW5500 does best for you.

  • Nilfisk SR1601Nilfisk SR1601

    Nilfisk SR1601 Floor Sweeper

    £47,402.91£50,049.00 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SR1601 range of sweepers are claimed to be the most technically advanced sweepers in their category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories and construction.

    The sweepers’ dust control, for example, is outstanding and airborne particles are controlled more effectively thanks to the DustGuardTM system. Less dust means less cleaning elsewhere, plus the productivity is excellent, thanks to a huge 900mm main broom, a 1600mm wide sweeping path and the SR1601’s all-around reliability for getting the job done quickly.

    Hire options are also available on many of our floor sweepers 


  • Karcher KM 105/110Karcher KM 105/110

    Karcher KM 105/110

    Karcher KM 105/110

    The Karcher KM 105/110 Individually configurable vacuum sweeper with hydraulic container lift. The patented sweeping crescent side brush enables corner cleaning in a single pass! Cleans in a single pass, unlike other machines which need 5 to 7 passes – and sweeping by hand is not necessary.

    The position of the main sweeper roller between the rear wheels allows driving over high kerbs without damage to the sweeping system. The Teach system automatically adjusts the main sweeper roller to wear and tear for consistently outstanding sweeping results.

    There are three contact pressures to choose from, depending on the terrain and type of dirt. A further feature is the patented, fully automatic Tact filter cleaning system for dust-free operation and the patented Kärcher Intelligent Key system, which, among other things, controls the assignment of different user rights.

    The multifunctional display provides clear menu guidance in 28 languages and displays information on, for example, roller brush wear or the selected roller brush contact pressure.

    Featured Benifits:


    Sweeping crescent side brush

    • No more tedious sweeping by hand.
    • Cleans in corners in a single pass.

    Innovative, highly effective and automatic Tact filter cleaning system

    • Consistently clean pores for an optimal cleaning result.
    • Automatic cleaning.

    Teach system

    • Automatic roller brush correction according to wear.
    • Three contact pressures adjustable at the push of a button.

    Kärcher Intelligent Key

    • Programmable in 28 different languages.
    • Assignment of user rights for machine settings.

    Roller brush on rear axle

    • Easier to drive over high kerbs.
    • Easy roller brush access, roller brush can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.

    Control panel

    • Machine data is shown on the display (e.g. main sweeper roller wear display).
    • Colour coding.

    Power Plus concept

    • Excess power generated during motion is transferred to a battery.
    • When driving uphill, the additional power is used for the motor.





  • Nilfisk SW8000Nilfisk SW8000

    Nilfisk SW8000 Floor Sweeper

    £56,775.21 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SW8000 has an innovative DustGuard™ misting system that lets you efficiently control any dust on your way, leaving a cleaner environment.

    The Nilfisk SW8000 is designed with attention to detail such as better safety features, easier operator control and simple maintenance functions which provide better performance, reliability and a lower total cost of cleaning.

    Hire options are also available on across a range of our floor sweepers


  • Karcher Vacuum sweeper KM 105/100 R GKarcher Vacuum sweeper KM 105/100 R G

    Karcher KM 105/100 R G Sweeper

    The Karcher KM 105/100 is a ride-on sweeper with a host of standard features to increase productivity and safety. It has a 1050mm sweeping width and 2×50 litre waste containers. It features a Subaru 6.5kW petrol engine.

    New concepts like the main brush position, operator-specific control system, eco!efficiency mode, Power Plus battery boost system and centrally-positioned side brush also combine to make the KM 105 the most sophisticated sweeper available, ultimately resulting in lower running costs, increased safety and greater productivity.