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Quality Floor Buffer Hire

For large businesses and public bodies keeping floors clean is of paramount importance, both for hygiene and health and safety reasons in addition to ensuring the best image possible for your clifloor bufferents and service users. Floors in most buildings and companies get heavy duty footfall on a regular basis, therefore deep cleaning and buffing is necessary to keep them in top condition. However, many companies have circumvented the cost of buying and maintaining a floor polisher by choosing to hire one from a reputable company. This enables regular high quality floor buffing and polishing to be undertaken at a reduced cost and with no need for a service and maintenance plan. Floor buffer hire is often the perfect compromise for businesses who want that final finish to floors that cover large areas often in public places.

Deep Cleaning With Quality Floor Polishing Machines

By utilising some of the top buffers and burnishers for hire, as well as associated presser washer service options, your floors will always be gleaming. At CL Floorcare, we offer a comprehensive hire service using some of the top brands on the market including Karcher and Nilfisk and these models come with top of the range technology using the latest design. There are also options to purchase a range of deep cleaning equipment that come complete with pressure washer repair service.

Excellent Customer Service

Whether you go for floor buffer hire or purchase of industrial cleaning machines, you will be guaranteed excellent equipment complete with comprehensive customer service and two to four service visits per year if you choose to purchase cleaning equipment. With the range of buffers and burnishers for hire you will benefit from machines that are kept in perfect condition by highly qualified engineers using the very latest technology. Engineers regularly service and repair all hire equipment and this extends to purchased models which are serviced and repaired according to industry standards.

Tailored Support

CL Floorcare has an impressive client base including factories, hospitals, warehouses, schools and a number of local authorities. We understand that each client has specific requirements and we tailor our advice and support to ensure customers get the hire or purchase that completely matches their business needs. For hire or purchase of state of the art industrial floor cleaning machines contact us at CL Floorcare on 01782 749451, or at to find out how we can support your business.