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Combination Machine Servicing and Repairs

combination machineCombination cleaning machines offer a unique way of cleaning floors by combining sweeping and scrubbing and have a range of flexible features designed to offer high performance and durability. Therefore, it is important to ensure machines can be maintained to a high level so that maximum functionality and cleaning capacity is retained. This means it is necessary to make sure your machines have refurbishment or bespoke repair services to keep them in tip top condition and to enable them to keep working as long as possible.

Established and Reputable

CL Floorcare Ltd have more than 30 years’ experience in the cleaning machine industry business, and with their team of high level engineers they offer tailored refurbishment and repair expertise that matches your budget and your precise requirements. Combination cleaners undertake heavy duty cleaning, and due to their numerous component parts skilled engineers are needed to ensure they are repaired and maintained correctly. The engineering team can give a new lease of life to your combination machinery using precision technology and techniques, and all work is completed with intensive testing to high level industry standards.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority, and clients are consulted at every step of the way to get the package that fits their budget, whether that means repairing a machine or undertaking a complete overhaul to refurbish it. Your combination cleaner can be collected and returned to you on site or can be repaired at your premises. If you choose to have your machine taken away you will have a choice of hiring another machine whilst yours is out of action. To extend the life of your machine further it is recommended that you consider a servicing package that you can opt for on a regular basis, and a number of options are available.

Choosing The Right Option For Your Combination Machinery

Our friendly team are at your disposal to discuss the best options for your machinery, and can arrange for an engineer to undertake a thorough inspection of your cleaning machine to assess if you need repairs, refurbishment or a new combination machine. As combination machines cover huge areas where equipment endurance is a vital requirement they need to be properly maintained. Therefore, for peace of mind and for machines that have an extended life and continue to work effectively, call us today to discuss your requirements. Call our services and repairs team on 01782 749451 or get in touch via email.