Commercial / Industrial Pressure Washers

Explore our range of stationary pressure washers and hot pressure washers, ideal for any heavy-duty pressure washer requirements. We also offer a variety of mobile cold pressure washers, perfect as a pressure washer for business, available for both sale and hire. Industrial pressure washers, including our industrial power washers, are essential for challenging cleaning tasks where more power is needed. These professional cleaning machines, designed to use high-pressure water combined with pressure washer cleaner, effectively remove dirt, grime, and grease from various surfaces. Choosing the right professional pressure washer for your application is crucial.

Mobile Pressure Washers

Our mobile cold water pressure washers are ideal for routine surface cleaning, acting as an efficient commercial jet wash. These robust machines, including the Nilfisk and Karcher models, are perfect for professional jet wash applications, blasting away dirt with ease.

Mobile hot water pressure washers are excellent for cleaning oily surfaces, with hot water and pressure washer cleaner working together to break down and remove fat molecules, making them a superb choice for an industrial jet wash.

Stationary Pressure Washers

Stationary hot pressure washers are widely used in the transportation sector, serving as a reliable industrial pressure washer for companies involved in vehicle maintenance and cleaning.

At CL Floorcare, we proudly offer a diverse selection of pressure washing equipment, including industrial pressure washers for sale, catering to various cleaning requirements and settings.

Your Choice of Pressure Washing Equipment

When selecting a pressure washer, consider the size and style that best fits your needs. Our heavy-duty pressure washers, including professional power washer models, are designed for demanding environments, such as factory floors.

Mobile pressure washers offer ease of use and portability, making them suitable for spaces with limited storage. Corded jet washers are ideal for extensive cleaning projects, while battery-powered models are better suited for shorter tasks.

Get the Right Powerful Pressure Washers You Need

Understanding the need for durable and high-performing cleaning equipment, CL Floorcare offers hot water pressure washers for sale or hire. These machines, combined with our high-quality pressure washer cleaner, are perfect for tackling stubborn stains on a variety of surfaces, from manufacturing floors to laboratories.

Looking to spread your costs? Whether you need a wheeled cleaning machine, a diesel-powered unit, or a portable appliance, we can assist you in finding the right pressure washer hire. Browse our extensive collection of pressure washing machines available for sale or hire.

Contact us at 01782 749451 or email for assistance in selecting the ideal cleaning machine for your needs, ensuring the best value for your investment.

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