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Single Disc Machines for Hire at CL Floorcare

Single disc machineAt CL Floorcare, we’re experts in industrial cleaning, and recognise the range of needs our clients have when it comes to cleaning floors. Our range of single disc machines offer you different possibilities depending on your requirements: the surface area you need to clean, the finish you want, and your budget. We can offer the ideal solution for your industrial cleaning needs.

Why should I hire a single disc machine from CL Floorcare?

Single disc machines are a great option for industrial floor cleaning, as they are easy to use and very powerful. They are most effective on smooth floors. We offer low speed, high speed, and dual speed single disc machines, depending on whether you need to wet or polish the surface, or both. We also offer cable, battery operated, and ride-on options, depending on the size of the surface you wish to clean.

We have some of the leading brands available for hire, namely Nilfisk and Karcher. Each brand has a range of models on offer, including the variations mentioned above (different speeds and operating mechanisms).

Hiring a single disc machine from CL Floorcare is a cost effective option. The machines are expensive to purchase, and so hiring one to meet your needs for the time period in which you need it can save a lot of money. Single disc machines are available for hire from as little as a week. Furthermore, CL Floorcare is available to facilitate servicing and repairs in the unlikely event that you experience problems with the machine during the period of hire.

Why CL Floorcare?

CL Floorcare is a family run business with expertise in cleaning machines. Our in-depth knowledge of this industry means someone is always on hand to provide advice or assistance. We also have the advantage of certified and experienced engineers on our team, meaning you can rest assured that machines from CL Floorcare will run smoothly and efficiently.

I’m interested! What now?

If you think CL Floorcare can offer the solution for your single disc machine needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone on 01782 749451 or via email. A knowledgeable member of our team will discuss your needs with you and will be able to offer the best solution at the best prices.