Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

Nothing leaves a bad first impression like a dirty floor. In commercial premises, warehouses, or busy workspaces, even the most experienced team of cleaners will struggle to keep your floors looking their best. However, floor scrubber dryer machines offer a reliable alternative to manual cleaning methods.

Industrial scrubber dryers bring together agitating brushes with vacuum suction to provide you with an efficient cleaning solution that will leave your floors looking pristine in no time. What’s more, as these machines dry as they clean, your surfaces are ready to be used straight away, making wet floors and slip hazards a thing of the past.

How Do Floor Scrubbers Work?

Despite their high-performance credentials, a floor scrubber dryer is one of the most user-friendly cleaning machines on the market. If you’ve ever used a carpet cleaner before, a floor scrubber dryer isn’t going to seem too unfamiliar. Once in operation, a floor scrubber and dryer performs the following actions simultaneously:

  1. A combination of water and cleaning solution is applied directly to a surface.
  2. High-quality brushes then scrub the surface, removing any stubborn grime and debris.
  3. Water and debris is then lifted from the surface thanks to powerful vacuum suction.

Discover Our Range of Floor Scrubber Dryers

At CL Floorcare, you’ll find a first-rate selection of floor scrubber machines. Looking for a small floor scrubber dryer to handle more compact spaces? You’ll find plenty of choices in our online range. Need something that will leave your floors looking new, but don’t have much space to store a larger machine? Why not try the i-mop Lite? Need something more substantial to handle larger spaces like retail units? You’ll find a first-rate pick of machines from the likes of Viper and Nilfisk.

We also offer a range of industrial scrubber dryers to handle much bigger spaces. Our ride-on scrubber dryer floor cleaning machines will make quick work of warehouses and manufacturing premises. You’ll find a selection of user-friendly ride-on models from the likes of Nilfisk and Viper, with heavy-duty cleaning action and generous tank capacities as standard.

What Types of Scrubber Dryers Are Available?

Thinking about investing in a scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine? There are several different types available, but most fall into one of two categories: walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers.

Walk-behind floor scrubber drying machines are the smaller of the two. Although relatively small, they still deliver a powerful combination of cleaning and drying action. What’s more, these user-friendly machines can be navigated into tight spaces, making them effective at cleaning spaces with difficult dimensions and awkward corners. As well as being easy to operate, these smaller machines are fairly quiet, meaning you won’t distract a busy workforce if you’re cleaning during office hours.

Ride-on scrubber dryers are designed with bigger spaces in mind. If you need to cover a significant amount of square footage quickly, they’re the obvious choice. While someone will need to operate the scrubber dryer itself, they’re less physically demanding than walk-behind models. To handle those bigger cleaning tasks, ride-on machines also feature far larger tank capacities than their walk-behind counterparts, while essential components like cleaning brushes and motors tend to be more powerful.

Ultimately, you need to consider your cleaning requirements before settling on a model. Need something that you can integrate into a daily cleaning routine? Provided you don’t have much ground to cover, a walk-behind model is a cost-effective solution. Need to keep a warehouse or manufacturing centre clean with a skeleton crew of cleaning staff? While more expensive, a ride-on scrubber dryer is the better option.

What About Power Sources?

If you’re thinking about investing in a walk-behind scrubber dryer, you’ll have to choose between a battery and a mains-powered model. If you only need a machine that can cope with light cleaning tasks, a battery-powered machine can be a good option.

What’s more, this power option provides you with maximum flexibility, allowing you to access tight corners without being bound by a mains electricity cable. A mains-powered machine can prove more reliable, but a lack of electrical outputs can make it difficult to fully clean your facility.

Interested in ride-on models? Ride-on machines are generally only powered by batteries. However, these batteries are far more efficient than what you’d find with a walk-behind model, providing you with many hours of cleaning performance from a single charge.

Your Go-To Supplier for Scrubber Dryer Machines

Searching for scrubber dryer machines for sale? You’ll find everything you need at CL Floorcare. Whether you’re looking for a compact walk-behind model or a ride-on machine to tackle large-scale cleaning tasks, our team is on hand to help.

We can talk you through all your options to find the ideal fit for your requirements. The premium service continues long after you’ve made your order. Follow-up maintenance comes as standard, ensuring your scrubber dryer performs well and remains in tip-top condition for longer.

Ready to talk about your requirements? Give the team a call on 01782 749451 or send an email enquiry to You can also use the online contact form to drop us a message.

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