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The professional steam cleaning Matrix machines have some outstanding attributes and they are sure they have a cleaning machine that can deliver the solutions you are looking for.

Killing bacteria and germs, is why it is so highly thought of by the NHS and the food industry. And they are ideal for dissolving grease & grime, as well as removing chewing gum whilst achieving a chemical free clean.

Now recognised as the UK’s leading steam cleaning machine manufacturer, because of the extensive portfolio of high quality light commercial to industrial 4.5, 8 and 10 bar cleaning systems.

They pride themselves on efficiency and offer a quality service.

Why Matrix Machines?

At Matrix they design, specify and manufacture our own machines. Because of this, this means they are able to implement new technology very quickly and bring to market new machines ahead of our competitors.

Steam cleaning is amazing for a deep clean and can be used to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Because it can prevent the spread of contagious diseases that are so common in many environments. Such as washrooms, kitchens, education, healthcare and transport.

Steam cleaning technology used daily will make the difference.

Key points

    • Manufactured in the UK
    • High quality durable production
    • Nationwide & Global maintenance
    • Steam Detergent & Vacuum
    • Robust, Reliable and User Friendly
    • Dedicated range for healthcare
    • Chewing gum removal machines

See the Matrix range by clicking on our products link here or do you want to know more about the brand it’s self? If so head over to there page and get more of the in-tell just here

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