Stationary Hot Pressure Washers

Stationary hot pressure washers are available from CL Floor Care which are ideal for the removal of grime and oily surfaces. Our stationary pressure washers range is extensive and includes cold mobile pressure washers and hot mobile pressure washers. Therefore, there’s a wide range of products for you to choose that are suitable for many industrial and self-service applications. Consequently, these products will help cut your operating costs, shorten your down time, and improve reliability.

We can help you match the right mobile pressure washer or static washer that’s right for your specific application. With our knowledgeable staff and wide product range, we’re confident you’ll not get a better service, after sales support or better value. Find out about our flexible pressure washer servicing packages.

Stationary Pressure Washers

The Nilfisk SH Truck is the ideal outdoor go to option for stationary pressure washers. For example, you can use it for haulage companies, fleet parks or for cleaning animal transport vehicles near slaughterhouses. Therefore, stationary pressure washers are ideal for tough grimmy repetitive jobs that need more power than a standard washer. With a range of options to suit many budgets from outright purchase to hire.

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  • Nilfisk Hot Static Pressure Washer


    Nilfisk offers static hot water high-pressure washers to meet your every need. From low-intensity or routine tasks to intense or speciality assignments, the Nilfisk range meets your challenges head-on.

  • Nilfisk SH Truck 7P/5MNilfisk SH Truck 7P/5M

    Nilfisk SH Truck 7P/5M Stationary Pressure Washer

    Placed in a parking area or forecourt, the SH TRUCK contains all settings and adjustments inside the lockable cabinet. The unit is then easily operational for multiple users with four push-button functions to select on-off, hot water, detergent without needing to adjust each time. The SH TRUCK is equipped with the high-efficiency EcoPower boiler offering reduced fuel consumption and costs.

    The unit is also equipped with cabinet insulation and electrical powered heater fan for frost protection and all year round cleaning.


    Key Facts:


      • Stainless steel robust design against corrosion
      • EcoPower boiler for reduced fuel consumption costs
      • Silent Power, low noise level with 1450 rpm motor pump units
      • Simple control panel with only 4 buttons
      • ERGO accessories for added user-friendliness
      • Internal frost protection down to minus 20°C
      • Compact design
      • Available in both single-phase and three-phase formats




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    Nilfisk SH Truck 7P/5M


    Product details                   107370810
    Weight (kg) 262
    Length x width x height (mm) 1025x715x1670
    Fuel tank (l) 33
    Pump pressure (bar/MPa) 175/17.5
    Cleaning impact (kg/force) 6.3
    Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) 1260/1170
    Max. inlet temperature (°C) 30
    Water temperature (water/steam) (°C) 90/150
    Power consumption (kW) 8.2
    Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A) 400/3/50/17.5
    Detergent tank (l) 2 x 25
    Nozzle size .0680
    Ceramic pistons 4
    Pump (RPM) 1450
    Sound power level, re Directive 2000/14/EU (LwA) 92
    Fuel consumption, motor (Diesel) (kg/h) 5.3
    Recommended avg. hours of use per day 7
    Full ceramic pistons X
    Stainless steel frame X
    Automatic standby X
    EcoPower boiler-high efficiency X
    SilentPower – 1450 rpm motor X
    QuickService – innovative concept X
    C3 4-ceramic piston pump X
    Ergo accessory system X
    Wdk dual detergent injector X
    Compact design X
    Internal heater and insulation for frost protection x
    Flame sensor X
    Water brake tank X