Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are used in commercial and industrial settings because they are designed to provide the highest level of cleanliness. The machines work by utilising high pressure to eliminate dirt, grime and other debris from surfaces. Industrial steam cleaners are built to handle the high demands of the environment.Healthcare, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical are some of the sectors that invest heavily in steam cleaners. The appliances are powerful and rugged to handle the harsh conditions of industrial and commercial buildings. We carry an extensive range of industrial-grade and commercial steam cleaners for sale that is suitable for various requirements. They come with different efficiencies, sizes and power. We stock some of the markets top brands like Karcher to ensure that our customers get quality machines.

Hiring Steam Cleaners

Cleanliness is one factor that every business has to take seriously. A clean working area reflects well on the image of the enterprise. However, buying steam cleaning machines may not always be a practical solution. A small enterprise may not have the funds to invest in a commercial-grade cleaner, and that is where our rental services come in handy. You can get the machine required for cleaning tasks for a specified period and only pay for that time. With hired steam cleaners, companies don’t have to incur large costs of ownership like regular maintenance. We have several commercial steam cleaners for hire, so you only need to find what works for your intended applications.

High Standard Cleaning Machines

When cleaning large spaces like a retail shop or manufacturing plant, you must make sure that the machines used do a thorough job. Steam cleaners simplify tasks in commercial and industrial settings because they are time and energy efficient. These machines come in varying designs like cordless and portable, so consider your cleaning needs carefully before picking one.

Buy or hire commercial and industrial steam cleaners from CL Floor Care to suit diverse applications.

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  • Karcher SG4/4

    It is ideal for use in a variety of environments, where fast, hygienic cleaning is a necessity. The SG 4/4 is very simple to use, heats up quickly and can be used continuously thanks to its two-tank system. With a wide range of accessories, the machine is equally suited to detail work around kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings as it is to cleaning floors and walls.

     SG4/4 Brochure                   SG4/4 Factsheet