• Nilfisk SW750Nilfisk SW750

    Nilfisk SW750 Sweeper

    £3,016.26 + VAT

    With this Nilfisk SW750 Sweeper, you get a cleaner suitable for daytime cleaning without the risk of causing a disturbance. The entire design is so efficient and cleverly thought-out, that productivity is assured even with an inexperienced operator while operating costs are minimized.

  • Nilfisk SW5500Nilfisk SW5500

    Nilfisk SW5500 Floor Sweeper

    £28,503.41£30,482.53 + VAT

    The Nilfisk SW5500 has daily benefits like creating a safer environment and lowering the total cost of ownership make this machine an attractive choice for contract cleaners, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centres, sports arenas, parking lots of large retail stores or shopping malls and multi-storey car parks.

    At the same time, the Nilfisk SW5500 provides more sustainability with the optional hybrid technology reducing emission and the level of noise. Here’s what the Nilfisk SW5500 does best for you.