• Sale! Nilfisk GD5 FlyNilfisk GD5 Fly

    Nilfisk GD5 FLY Back Vacuum

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    Nilfisk GD5 Fly

    The Nilfisk GD5 Fly has got a 115v 400Hz motor ensures we comply with all relevant aviation regulations and this is the main difference between the standard and Fly models.

    The HEPA filter keeps the air quality within the cabin at an extremely high level while the Premium Harness maximises user comfort during a cleaning process that is often under strict time pressure.

    The Conical Hose, High Performance Combination Nozzle, Telescopic Aluminium Tube and Crevice Nozzle, combined with the compact dimensions of the machine, allow for fast and thorough cleaning, ensuring the GD5 Fly is the ideal choice when cleaning the world’s airlines.

    Key facts:
    • Compact design for working in confined areas
    • High quality nozzles for maximum cleaning efficiency and performance
    • Premium harness for increased user comfort
    • Aluminium telescopic tube for light weight adjustable cleaning demands
    • HEPA Filter optimising air quality

    NILFISK GD5 FLY  Nilfisk GD5 FLY


  • Sale! Nilfisk GD5 Battery BackpackNilfisk GD5 Battery Backpack

    Nilfisk GD5 Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

    £1,572.52 £899.34

    Nilfisk GD5 Battery Backpack


    The Nilfisk GD5 Battery Backpack design will let you work with ease! Being compact and mobile. The Nilfisk GD5 will deal effectively with dust in facilities with limited space between seats, tables, and shelves. The machine is an ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, shops, cinemas, auditoriums and conference rooms, as well as transportation.

    When the going – and the dirt – gets tough, just turn on the boost function and extra suction power will be added to ensure an optimal cleaning performance.

    Adding to this extreme mobility, the machine has a long runtime and best in class charge time of only 40 minutes to ensure an extraordinary productivity.

    Key facts:
    • Maximum freedom and mobility thanks to the cordless and ergonomic backpack design
    • High productivity with up to 60 minutes of runtime on a fully charged 36V Lithium battery
    • Best in class charge time of only 40 minutes offers continuous cleaning with the use of two batteries
    • Safer cleaning environment for guests, visitors and the operator with no cord to trip over
    • Optimal performance with boost function adds suction power for heavy duty cleaning
    • Low sound pressure level enabling cost-effective daytime cleaning
    • Optional HEPA filter available for optimised air quality

    NILFISK GD5 Battery Backpack  Nilfisk GD5 Battery Backpack



  • Sale! Nilfisk GD5/10Nilfisk GD5/10

    Nilfisk GD 5/10 BACK HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

    £463.93 £369.25

    Nilfisk GD5/10 Hepa

    The Nilfisk GD5/10 Hepa battery version requires no electrical connections, thus offering greater freedom to clean   just about anywhere. At the same time, the power needs to be sufficient for fast, effective cleaning and the dust bag must be large enough to avoid constant changing. Without these basics, a backpack vacuum cleaner is uncomfortable and impractical to operate. The Nilfisk GD 5/10 backpack vacuum cleaner meets all this criteria and more.


    Key facts:
    • Low sound level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
    • Good filtration with HEPA filter option
    • Suitable for left or right handed use
    • Containers in different sizes to fit the application
    • 15 metre detachable cable with safety release saves time moving to other power sockets
    • Lightweight vacuum cleaner and a harness that is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue

    NILFISK GD5 5/10  Nilfisk GD5/10 Hepa