• i-mop Lite Floor Scrubber

    £3,147.90 + VAT

    The unique upright design of the i-mop Lite puts more weight on the brushes and combined with its powerful battery-driven motor – that has an even higher RPM than its brothers – results in more cleaning power than any auto scrubber in its class.

    Due to great mobility – transport wheels, lightweight, small size – you can easily travel from site to site. The i-mop Lite even fits in the trunk of a standard car.

  • i-mop XL Floor Scrubber

    £4,280.88£5,014.25 + VAT

    Introducing the i-mop XL, a powerhouse in industrial floor scrubbing that speeds up your cleaning process significantly. With its 46 cm scrub deck, this auto scrubber handles small to medium spaces effortlessly, cleaning over 1,300 m² (14,000 sq. ft.) per hour—10 times faster than traditional mopping.

    The i-mop XL is designed for ultimate efficiency and versatility. Its low-profile deck, just 7 cm high, allows you to easily clean around and underneath objects, ensuring a thorough clean in all those hard-to-reach places. It operates with over 350 RPM and 22 kg of brush pressure, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning every time.

    Refilling the i-mop XL couldn’t be simpler. Freed from the need for installed filling stations, you can refill the water tank directly from any sink. Switching between different cleaning solutions is just as easy, thanks to its innovative click-on/click-off solution tank system, making the i-mop XL a marvel of convenience and water efficiency.

    Powered by a quick exchange i-power battery system with 2 sets of i-power 9 batteries, the i-mop XL is a relentless cleaning machine. Operate from morning till night or round the clock without interruptions—no wires to trip over or untangle, just seamless cleaning performance.

    Experience the new standard in industrial cleaning with the i-mop XL, and turn cleaning challenges into productivity successes.