• Nilfisk UHR 70-1700Nilfisk UHR 70-1700

    Nilfisk UHR 70-1700

    Nilfisk UHR 70-1700


    Key Facts:


    The Nilfisk UHR 70-1700 extended battery run time allows an exceptional coverage – 12,500 sq.m on a single battery charge.

    1700 rpm pad speed utilises three different pressure settings for a consistent finish every time

    Easy one button operation

    Adjustable pad pressure settings for optimal result

    Compact design for maximum manoeuvrability

    Centre placed pad system for easy and safe operation

    Machine is supplied complete with pad holder, pads should be ordered separately





    Nilfisk UHR 70-1700




    Nilfisk UHR 70-1700