• Nilfisk SC530Nilfisk SC530

    Nilfisk SC530 GO-L-ine

    £2,748.39£4,510.25 + VAT

    The SC530 GO-Line is a simple and easy to use scrubber drier requiring minimum training for daily use and maintenance.

    The highly reliable SC530 GO-Line will perform its cleaning tasks with daily downtime restricted to routine maintenance.

    Attractively priced with low daily maintenance, SC530 GO-Line ensures an affordable scrubber drier.

    The SC530 is listed on the Water Technology List. Purchasing a Nilfisk water-efficient cleaning machine that is listed on the Water Technology List will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and claim ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA can reduce a tax bill by £20 for every £100 spent, assuming that a business pays 20% Corporation Tax in the year of investment. Find out more about the ECA Water Scheme