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    Nilfisk SDV4500 Ex Demo

    SDV4500 Ex Demo


    The SDV4500 Ex Demo cleaning machine has been fully refurbished to the highest possible standard. This means that you can get this vacuum machine ready to use and will last as long as you need it!

    If you are in need of new industrial or municipal cleaning machines but are constrained by the budget that you have available, then our ex-demo cleaning machines could be the perfect answer. These cleaning machines will run like new, ensuring that they can provide the level of cleaning that you require, meaning that they are a brilliant alternative.




    SDV4500 is a commercial 4.5 bar pressure steam cleaning machine made from a stainless steel construction body. This machine is ideally suited for small cleaning tasks and lighter usage eg. less than 6 hours per day. SDV8000 is a powerful 8 bar commercial steam cleaning machine is made from a stainless steel construction for extra durability and high performance. With its integral vacuum system, steam cleaning becomes highly efficient leaving the surfaces clean and dry. Both SDV4500 and SDV8000 are environmentally friendly and has been certified in killing many super bugs including MRSA.


    Key points:
      • Stainless steel frame and cabinet
      • Continous fill boiler
      • Steam control switch
      • Automatic safety shut off
      • Clear pressure display
      • Locking front castors
      • Simple operator controls
      • Wet pick up recovery
      • Detergent delivery.

    SDV4500 Ex Demo    SDV4500 Ex Demo