• Nilfisk VHO200Nilfisk VHO200

    Nilfisk VHO200 Vacuum Cleaner

    Nilfisk VHO200

    The Nilfisk VHO200 has a metal basket for the metal chips. Recovery is also available as well as different kinds of nylon filters, letting you select the required level of filtration for the application and then re-use the collected materials (both liquids and solids).

    The Nilfisk VHO200 uses its twin vacuum motors to both collect and then to discharge the collected liquid without the need for an integral electric discharge pump.

    2,4 kW power rating using two single-phase by-pass motors placed within a protective polypropylene cover connected to the container by a self-centering metal band. Once the metal band is released the motor-head is free to be tilted open.


    Key Facts:
      • High tank capacity/dimensions ratio
      • Solid and slim design
      • Hinged motor-head
      • Motor head well protected from liquid ingress
      • Wide range of filtration options
      • Very quiet
      • Versatile: suitable for different sectors
      • Diverting valve for easy and fast liquid discharge
      • Stainless steel version available
      • Specific filter for oil-mist available

    Nilfisk VHO200  Nilfisk VHO200


    Product details Item no. 4010400039
    Voltage (V) 110
    Weight (kg) 60
    Sound pressure level at 1.5 m (dB(A) ISO 3744) 70
    Frequency (Hz) 50-60
    Insulation class I
    Inlet (mm) 50
    IP protection class 44
    Rated power (kW) 1.6
    Airflow without hose (m³/h – l/m) 222 – 3700
    Container capacity with floater (l) 75
    Container capacity with chips basket (l) 51.5
    Chips basket capacity (l) 22
    Max. vacuum (kPa – mbar) 18 – 180
    Length x width x height (mm) 580x880x1230
    Diverting valve x
    Float shut-off system x
    Visual liquid level x
    Uk model x