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Catering cleaner

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A non-tainting alkaline cleaner for use in catering establishments. Use on wall, floors Vehicle interiors, canteen and kitchen areas. A straw coloured clear liquid.


Catering Cleaner

At CL Floorcare we offer a wide range of floor cleaning chemicals include floor polishes, floor sealers, floor maintainers, floor strippers, car care and more, for cleaning all types of floors whether it be vinyl coverings, wood, marble or stone This is just 1 of the chemicals we do offer, if you would like to order or know more about the ranges of chemicals we do contact us today.

The Alkaline Edge

Most floor cleaners will use a combination of alkaline chemicals in their formulation. Alkaline agents are non-acidic in nature, so they will not damage the associated surface. They are normally safer to work when compared to acidic cleaning solutions such as those utilized to remove inorganic deposits.