Nilfisk BA611 Scrubber Dryer

£7,710.43 + VAT

Finance available from as little as £36.29 per week (plus VAT)


The range of walk-behind scrubber dryers offers more of everything that is important for floor cleaning efficiency: more productivity, more running time, more ergonomic features, more reliability, more options and more cost-effectiveness.

The innovative Ecoflex system (available in all battery-driven versions) keeps the consumption control, but also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning tasks; green meets clean. Our Nilfisk BA611 scrubber dryers are an ideal solution to make effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

Scrubber Key Points

  • Qualifies for up to 28% government Cashback under the new ECA Water Technology Product List (UK Only).
  • Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without any compromise of cleaning performance
  • Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing. Offered as an option
  • Exceptionally low noise level permits cleaning anywhere at any time, even in noise-sensitive areas
  • Interchangeable brush decks allow the choice of 3 different sizes; 53 & 61 cm disc or 51 cm cylindrical
  • ECO Solution provides substantial savings in water consumption