Nilfisk BU800

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Nilfisk BU800


The Nilfisk BU800 represents the most technically advanced means of restoring and maintaining a high gloss shine on floors.


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Nilfisk BU800
The Nilfisk BU800 has many features include easier-than-ever operation, added safety considerations, passive and (optional) active dust control.

The biggest difference, however, between the BU800 and its competitors is performance. For medium/large hard floors, nothing compares to this outstanding and truly well designed burnisher. With typical Nilfisk attention to detail, the BU800 has the right handling, accurate pad pressure, and superb dust control to produce a professional finish with value-adding productivity gains.

When the palm switches on the handle are activated, the burnishing deck automatically lowers to the floor. When the palm switches are released, the deck automatically returns to a raised position. Simple controls also minimize training time of operators.

Choose a 20 inch burnishing path, and either wet batteries for dependable long run time, or maintenance-free AGM gel type batteries for an even longer run time. The onboard battery charger allows for convenient charging at any 120 Volt outlet so that operators don’t need to return the machine to a storage or charging area.



Key Facts:


    • Simple controls and low profile design make operating the unit easier and safer.
    • Self-regulating pad pressure eliminates the need for adjustments and reduces operator errors.
    • Burnishing deck automatically lifts when the motor is turned off for better floor protection.
    • On board battery charger saves downtime and adds convenience.
    • Excellent active dust control with HEPA filtration optional for dust sensitive areas




Nilfisk BU800     Nilfisk BU800



Nilfisk BU800

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Dimensions 1270 × 580 × 1050 cm