Nilfisk ES300

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With the ES300 Nilfisk has entered a new era of carpet cleaning. This machine is ideal for cleaning your high and light traffic carpeted areas and not only removes dirt and water, but the machine also meets the highest standards to extend the life of your carpets. Besides its great productivity and cleaning performance, the ES300 is easy to operate.

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The front mounted drain hose makes emptying the recovery tank simple. A new brush head creates greater contact with the carpet and improved suction, leaving carpets dryer after cleaning. Finally, the compact design makes storage and maintenance user friendly.

  • Front mounted nozzle makes dumping faster and easier for the operator
  • The removable, increased capacity recovery tank along with the stowable handle make dumping and refilling much simpler
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle for easy operation – adjusts to the height of the operator
  • A floating brush head adjusting automatically for better carpet contact and improved water recovery
  • A larger tank with increased water capacity provides extended cleaning time and fewer refills
  • Powerful vacuum motor for efficient removal of dirt and faster drying time
  • Adjustable handle design for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Compact design makes storage and maintenance more convenient
  • Quickly switch between cleaning modes
  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability for up/down stairs

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Weight 46.3 kg
Dimensions 711 x 489 x 813 cm