Nilfisk MH 3M Pressure Washer

£2,839.76 + VAT


Finance available from as little as £11.22 per week (plus VAT)


The Nilfisk MH 3M series takes mid-range hot water high-pressure washers to a new level, meeting the latest productivity demands in the market.


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The Nilfisk MH 3M is equipped with our industrial NA4 pump with three ceramic coated pistons and a high-efficiency four-pole motor. It offers ideal performance levels for general hot water cleaning.

Ideal for all hot water commercial and light industrial cleaning tasks, it offers higher efficiency and quicker cleaning thanks to the improved fuel-saving Eco Power boiler system. Users can also carry out maintenance quickly, as all vital parts are easy to inspect and reach. The concept ensures the most optimal transport concept across various surface types with the four large wheels and outstanding balance.

Optimal accessory storage facilities also provide double lance holders, a turnable hook for easy removal or winding of electrical cable, an innovative spray gun holder and easy storage of detergent tanks.

With quick service access to all vital parts, this series will provide remarkable cleaning results, save time, and reduce costs.

 At CL Floorcare, we also offer repairs on pressure washers.

Weight 114 kg
Dimensions 1010 × 700 × 1016 cm

Machine Key Points

    • High efficiency 4 pole motors
    • EcoPower boiler with EcoMode function
    • Brass pump head 3 ceramic coated pistons
    • Pressure activated unloader system
    • Simple fuel level sight
    • Easy access to components
    •  Pump oil service functions with tank and oil sight
    • Innovative design with 4 big wheels
    • Transported easy, can easily be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces

Machine Specifications

Weight (kg) – 114

Length x width x height (mm) – 1010x700x1016

Fuel tank (l) – 15

Pump pressure (bar/MPa) – 100/10

Cleaning impact (kg/force) – 2.4

Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) – 600/600

Max. inlet temperature (°C) – 40

Water temperature (water/steam) (°C) – 80

Power consumption (kW) – 2.8

Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A) – 230/1/50/12.5

Fuel consumption at ΔT=45°C (kg/h) – 2.7

El cable (m) – 5

Nozzle size.0450 Pump (RPM) – 1450

Sound power level, re Directive 2000/14/EU (LwA) – 91

Ceramic coated pistons – 3

Recommended avg. hours of use per day – 3

Cable Hook, turnable – x

SilentPower – 1450 rpm motor – x

Ergo accessory systemx 1 x detergent injector

Fuel tankx


Brass cylinder headx

Parking brake

Flame sensorx Lance holderx

Spray Gun Holder – x

Water break tank – x

EcoPower boiler-high efficiency – x

Detergent tank 10 ltr. – x

Fuel tank 15 ltr. – x

Fuel sight from outside – x

ECO mode feature – x