Nilfisk SDV8000 Steamer


SDV8000 Steamer

£2648.10+ VAT

Steam, Detergent and Vacuum steam cleaner unit. The SDV range offers detergent injection in addition to the normal steam cleaning effect – useful for encrusted stains and for additional sanitisation.

The vacuum pick up ensures that areas are quickly dry and ready for use.

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SDV8000 Steamer

SDV8000 is a powerful 8 bar commercial steam cleaning machine is made from a stainless steel construction for extra durability and high performance. With its integral vacuum system, steam cleaning becomes highly efficient leaving the surfaces clean and dry. Both SDV4500 and SDV8000 are environmentally friendly and have been certified in killing many super bugs including MRSA.


  • Stainless steel frame and cabinet.
  • Continous fill boiler.
  • Steam control
  • Automatic safety shut off.
  • Clear pressure display.
  • Locking front castors.
  • Simple operator controls.
  • Wet pick up recovery.
  • Detergent delivery
  • SDV8000 Qualifies for up to 28% government cashback under the new ECA Water Technology Product List in UK.
SDV8000 Steamer  Data sheet:

Factsheet SDV8000



Selected product SDV8000
Product details Item no. 45000006
Weight (kg) 40
Hose length (m) 4
Water tank capacity (l) 5
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A) 230-240/1/50/13
Dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 700x450x970
El cable (m) 10
Detergent tank (l) 2.5
Boiler volume (l) 3.3
Steam temperature boiler (°C) 170
Vacuum function Yes
Steam pressure (bar) 8
Steam function X
Single-phase X
Vacuum function X
Detergent function X
Stainless steel frame X
Continuous fill boiler X
Steam control switch X
Automatic safety shut off X