SV8000 Steamer


SV8000 Steamer

£2269.80 + VAT

Steam and Vacuum steam cleaner unit. The SV8000 provides the benefits of steam cleaning with added drying effect of a vacuum pick up.

The SV8000 is ideal for cleaning in situations where chemicals are not required or permitted. Steam and vacuum together will leave areas sanitised and dry.

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SV8000 Steamer


The SV8000 provides the benefits of steam cleaning with the added drying effect of a vacuum pick-up. Cleaned areas are thus ready for use again in a shorter time.


  • Stainless steel frame and cabinet.
  • Continuous fill boiler.
  • Steam control switch.
  • Automatic safety shut off.
  • Clear pressure display.
  • Locking front castors.
  • Simple operator controls.
  • Wet pick up recovery.
  • Qualifies for up to 28% government cashback under the new ECA Water Technology Product List in UK.
SV8000 Steamer Data sheet:


Factsheet SDV8000


SV8000 Steamer:


Selected product SV8000
Product details Item no. 45000002
Weight (kg) 25,0
Hose length (m) 4
Water tank capacity (l) 5
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A) 230-240/1/50/13
Dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 800x400x820
El cable (m) 10
Detergent tank (l) No
Boiler volume (l) 3.3
Steam temperature boiler (°C) 170
Vacuum function Yes
Steam pressure (bar) 8
Single-phase X
Steam function X
Stainless steel frame X
Vacuum function X
Continuous fill boiler X
Steam control switch X
Automatic safety shut off X