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  • High tank capacity/dimensions ratio
  • Solid and slim design
  • Ideal for heavy industrial cleaning and vacuuming wet and dry surfaces
  • Hinged motor-head
  • Well protected motor-head from liquids
  • Very quiet
  • Visual liquid level
  • Discharge pump for easily expelling liquids
  • Chip basket to separate solid materials from liquids
  • Oilproof rubber hose
  • Flat lance specific for sucking liquids
  • Optimum balance between an efficient and ergonomically intuitive design
  • Meets all UK industry regulations and standards
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The VHO200 is ergonomically designed to provide you with easy and efficient industrial cleaning capabilities. Part of the All-In-One range, this machine is built for purpose. The VHO200 CB is the ideal industrial vacuum solution for picking up swarf and separating oil and metal chips.

The vacuuming of liquids represents a saving in the case that the emulsion is to be filtered and reused. Collect up to 75 litres of liquid and discharge it through an ejection kit by activating the diverting valve that changes the suction flux into a blowing one, facilitating storage of fluids in the drums or simply its disposal in the appropriate places.

Equipped with a chip basket that can separate solid materials from liquids, the VHO200CB is a solution that, together, with the removable container allows fast and easy disposal of the collected material.

This configuration is completed by a full set of oilproof accessories able to treat any surface where oils must be sucked up.