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  • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
  • Compact dimensions
  • High container capacity
  • Equipped with specific accessories developed for metalworking environment
  • 5 meters polyurethane hose
  • Cone and Nozzle for cleaning machine tools
  • Container that is easy to remove and empty
  • Suitable for wet material (shavings mixed with traces of oil)
  • Easily discharge oil, and separate swarf
  • Cyclone to protect the filter from damages
  • High filter surface
  • Ergonomic manual filter shaker
  • Vacuum gauge on the motor head
  • Highly efficient and compact design
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The VHS120CB GV industrial vacuum is the ideal solution for swarf collection in your production lines.

The Metal – Swarf vacuum cleaner is ideal when the primary need is cleaning a machines tools, as well as, separating oil substances from the swarf and recovering more than 70% of metal chips. The VHS120 is a durable machine par of excellence, equipped to vacuum wet and dry surfaces, configured explicitly with a grid and valve for separating solids from liquids inside the container. The solid material deposits on the grill, while the fluids drain via the manual valve fitted to the bottom of the container, providing a perfect solution for businesses operating in the metal industry.

Thanks to the cyclone, the primary filter doesn’t come in direct contact with incoming liquids or sharp objects. Relying on an industrial vacuum cleaner with safety guards like these will ensure that your facility is up to industry regulations, providing you with safe and efficient production facilities.