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Imagine if a combination sweeper broke down halfway through a factory cleaning. It means workers would have to wait until it was fixed. Downtime can cost your business a considerable amount of resources, which is why it must be avoided.

Our industrial floor cleaning equipment servicing is designed for just that. Even the best machine makes need care to keep providing operators with excellent work. It is why your industrial floor cleaning machines must get regular servicing.

At CL Floorcare, we offer service packages with our industrial-grade cleaning equipment. You can benefit from 2 to 4 service visits a year, depending on the type of purchase.

The Need for Service Visits

One reason that our service visits are recommended is that they ensure that your machine is performing as required. Diminished performance is a common issue when working with industrial cleaning equipment due to worn out parts or other problems.

Reduced performance can compromise the hygiene and cleanliness standards of your commercial and industrial space. Our engineers will inspect your machines to make certain that everything is working as it should. Regular servicing saves you money by preventing constant repairs.

Service visits allow our technicians to detect problems before they get out of control. Early detection, on the other hand, saves you from paying for costly repairs or replacement parts.

What We Offer

With CL Floorcare, you get highly qualified engineers who have worked on and have had regular training updates with the leading manufacturers including Nilfisk, Karcher, Tennant, Numatic, Taski and many more. We guarantee fast response times and use the latest technology so that our customer can get the best machine service possible. Floor cleaning machines contain supportive components called consumables like pipes, brushes and fillers, which we inspect and replace if needed during service visits as our vehicles are stocked out with hundreds of parts.

Clients will have different servicing requirements, and that is why we tailor our visits to suit individual demands. Our trained technicians ensure that your floor cleaning machines are functioning at optimal levels for the sake of operational safety.

Our customers range from schools, hospitals, factories and warehouses. We work with a few local authority’s and even some domestic users so our customer base is huge and wide ranging.

For expert servicing of industrial floor cleaning machines, contact CL Floorcare and benefit from tailor-made and high-quality care.

Floor cleaning repair services include;

Pressure Washers
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Single Disc and Burnishers
Industrial Carpet Cleaners
Floor Cleaning Machines
Scrubber Dryers
Combination machines
Outdoor machines
Refurbished cleaning machine repairs
Karcher repairs
Nilfisk repairs