• Karcher B40 Dose Scrubber Dryer

    Extra features of the machine include the eco! efficiency mode that extends battery life, the tank rinsing system for automatic cleaning of the dirty water tank without splash-back, the auto-fill function for convenient filling of the water tank as well as a ‘Dose’ cleaning agent dosing system for direct dosing from the cleaning agent container.

    This machine is available with a range of different equipment and features, e.g. different batteries, cable version, without traction or with 43cm working width.

  • Karcher BD 43 Scrubber Dryer


    From a technical perspective, the BD 43 has the usual high-quality features:  an impressive working width of 43 cm, 25 or 35-litre tank volume and is easy to operate thanks to the EASY-Operation system with distinctive, yellow controls. It is also whisper-quiet and easy to clean. It’s a manoeuvrable machine that is ideal for small and very cluttered areas up to 900 m². Its compact size also ensures a clear view of the area to be cleaned.

    It comes as a battery (BP) or mains powered (EP) version. Please select a version via the above dropdown menu to see prices for each version.

  • Karcher BD 43/25 C Bp

    without having to compromise on performance. Whether for quick interim cleaning or scheduled maintenance cleaning; this compact scrubber dryer does a superior job. Thanks to its compact dimensions and manoeuvrability it is ideal for smaller areas.

    Simple operation thanks to EASY-Operation Panel

    • Clear control panel with self-explanatory symbols
    • Brief familiarisation stages
    • Easy to use, colour coded control elements
  • Karcher BD 40/25 C

    The tank-in-tank system for the fresh and waste water enhances the machine stability and reduces the dimensions of the unit. Maintenance and service friendly, all components are easily accessible and can be replaced in seconds. Ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces it is perfect for routine cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing. A single knob controls all machine functions (EASY) making the machine very simple to use.

  • Karcher BR 45/22 C Scrubber Dryer


    Equipped with a roller brush head which rotates 200° in either direction thanks to KART steering technology (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology), it delivers a large working width combined with exceptional manoeuvrability – ideally suited to highly cluttered floor spaces. At the same time, the positioning of the brush and squeegees – which are always aligned to match the direction of travel – ensures an increase in the area performance and a uniform cleaning result.

    Our built-in, high-power lithium-ion batteries offer up to 3x longer lifetime than conventional lead batteries and are also completely maintenance-free. Using the innovative eco!efficiency mode can increase their run time even more significantly as well as reducing operating noise by around 40% – ideal for daytime cleaning. The optional HEPA filter removes the exhaust air from the dirty water, allowing you to work in hygiene-sensitive areas.

  • Karcher BR 40/10 C Scrubber Dryer


    The Karcher BR 40/10 is packed with features to make it easy and safe to use while maintaining exceptional cleaning results. The machine features two counter-rotating brushes and two rubber squeegees, ensuring floors are thoroughly cleaned and dried in a single pass.

    With the vacuum system turned off, the machine can be used for deep cleaning of heavily soiled floors where more scrubbing and detergent are needed.

  • Karcher BD38/12 C Scrubber Dryer


    The machine is equipped with a 38 cm disc brush. The lithium-ion battery has a long lifetime and can be fast-charged at any time, making it three times more durable than conventional lead-acid batteries. The eco! Efficiency mode reduces energy consumption, increases the run time and lowers the noise level by around 40%. The machine’s very lightweight make transportation easy.


  • Karcher BR 35/12 C Scrubber Dryer

    The machine is fitted with a rotatable roller brush head with KART technology (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology), making it perfect for tight corners and cleaning in reverse if necessary. The new lithium-ion battery has a prolonged running time, making it 3 times more durable than normal lead batteries. It is completely maintenance-free and quick to recharge. The machine’s lightweight design helps you to negotiate steps and facilitates transportation. The eco!efficiency mode reduces energy consumption, increases the running time and lowers the volume by around 40%.

  • Karcher BR 30/4 Scrubber Dryer


    The Karcher BR 30/4 C is a professional small area scrubber dryer that operates like an upright vacuum cleaner. Easy to use, it thoroughly cleans and dries floors in a single pass, and can also be used for deep cleaning. This highly portable lithium-ion battery-powered machine is ideally suited for daytime use and increases safety for operators and the public, leaving floors instantly clean, safe and usable. Its four litre clean and dirty water tanks are fully removable and easy to clean and refill, while the roller brush and squeegees can be removed and replaced without tools.

    This machine comes in a non-battery version and a battery (BP) version. You can view prices for each version via the drop-down menu above.

  • BD 30/4-C

    Karcher BD 30/4 C Scrubber Dryer


    Whether on natural or artificial stone, epoxy resin, linoleum or PVC, the Karcher BD 30/4 Scrubber Dryer cleans significantly faster and more thoroughly than cleaning by hand. The machine also suctions in reverse if needed and, thanks to the rotary squeegees, in all other manoeuvres as well.

    The well-designed and extremely simple operating concept with colour-coded control elements can also be seen in the quick and easy replacement of the powerful and quickly rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Incidentally, the machine’s lightweight of only about 20 kilograms facilitates its use on different floors, even when there is no lift.

  • Karcher HDS 6 Pressure Washer


    The HDS 6/12 C also features Karcher’s unique Machine Protector system that prolongs component life and provides a 3-year burner coil warranty. With central one-button operation, excellent mobility and superb cleaning performance the HDS 6/12 is easy to set up, intuitive to operate and cheap to run.

  • Karcher HDS5 Pressure Washer


    User-friendly handling through a central one-button operation. Excellent mobility thanks to large wheels and steering roller. Resistant chassis with integrated tanks for cleaning agent and fuel. On-board practical hose and power cable storage as well as an accessory compartment for tools and nozzles.