Carpet Cleaning Machines

The demand for professional carpet cleaning has increased over the years as people realise the advantages it offers. Carpet cleaning companies have access to technologically advanced equipment that guarantees thorough and simplified cleaning.

At CL Floorcare, we provide our customers with top-of-the-range industrial carpet cleaners for sale so that they can meet the high standards of professional carpet cleaning. You will find some of the best brands in carpet cleaning like Nilfisk. We carry a broad product selection to ensure that our customers get the right machines for their various needs.

If you have a one-time or short-term cleaning project that requires industrial-grade equipment, we offer the option of hiring our machines. Find out what hire plans are available to suit your budget.
Your Equipment Choice
Carpet cleaners are not all made the same, and your cleaning requirements will determine which ones to buy. The wand carpet cleaner is one of the alternatives that are available to our customers.

This machine contains a separate wand, which makes it perfect for cleaning compact spaces. The wand makes it possible to reach under car seats and corners to remove dirt from carpeting.

A self-contained carpet cleaner is another option. The machine contains a vacuum and rotary brush that work together during the cleaning process to dislodge and pick off dust from carpeting.

If you are looking to clean a large carpeted area like an office or hotel lobby, the self-contained cleaner is a better choice.

Save on Cleaning Costs

One motivation for investing in our professional carpet cleaning machines is the cost-savings they offer. If you are running a professional cleaning service, the commercial and industrial standard machines that we carry will improve your cleaning times significantly.

Due to the efficiency of these machines, a cleaning company just needs the right operator, which cuts the expenses of maintaining a large staff. The equipment allows the cleaning crew to do more in a short time, which increases revenues.

If the cleaning equipment is for in-house use, the same benefits apply – workers are more productive.

Why Us

You will find our products and services suitable because they are tailored to your requirements. We listen to what you intend to achieve and recommend the best solutions if you haven’t already picked one. Our customer support team is on standby to address any questions.

We understand the importance of giving your industrial carpet cleaners sufficient care during their lifetime, and so, we provide you with the expertise of well-trained and certified engineers. For industrial carpet cleaning equipment of different designs, sizes and power, contact CL Floorcare for the best options.

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  • Sale!

    Nilfisk AX14

    £1,090.92 £690.48

    AX 14 Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Cord storage on the machine
    Accessories for cleaning wall coverings, carpets, hard floors, rugs, armchairs and seats
    Injection pump protected by a removable filter in the solution tank
    Integrated ergonomic handle

    Nilfisk AX14 Brochure        Nilfisk AX14 Factsheet

  • Sale!

    Nilfisk ES300

    £4,096.30 £2,729.02

    The front mounted drain hose makes emptying the recovery tank simple. A new brush head creates greater contact with the carpet and improved suction, leaving carpets dryer after cleaning. Finally, the compact design makes storage and maintenance user friendly.

    • Front mounted nozzle makes dumping faster and easier for the operator
    • The removable, increased capacity recovery tank along with the stowable handle make dumping and refilling much simpler
    • Ergonomic adjustable handle for easy operation – adjusts to the height of the operator
    • A floating brush head adjusting automatically for better carpet contact and improved water recovery
    • A larger tank with increased water capacity provides extended cleaning time and fewer refills
    • Powerful vacuum motor for efficient removal of dirt and faster drying time
    • Adjustable handle design for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces
    • Compact design makes storage and maintenance more convenient
    • Quickly switch between cleaning modes
    • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability for up/down stairs

    Nilfisk ES300 Brochure        Nilfisk ES300 Factsheet