Floor Sweepers

Sweeping a private car park or factory floor with brooms and brushes can be tedious and time-consuming. Breathing in all that dust when using common sweeping tools is also unhealthy and can create unsafe working conditions.

The technologically advanced industrial floor sweepers that are available today provide more practical solutions. The cutting-edge designs of these machines allow you to guide them through the area that requires cleaning without doing much else.

With the right industrial sweepers, you can tidy up big spaces without taking up too much time. At CL Floorcare, we have superior standard sweepers for your commercial and industrial uses. You will find products from top name brands such as Nilfisk, which are made from strong materials and creative designs.

All Your Cleaning Needs
Our sweepers are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you operate a cleaning company that handles large-scale projects like tidying up streets or cleaning office buildings, our industrial sweepers are must-haves.

When you need to get rid of dry debris and dusty floors, our sweepers are designed to give the best results. Workers can sweep the indoors or outdoors without worrying about stirring up dust, which can cause respiratory problems.

With our battery-powered commercial sweepers, you can manoeuvre the machine to different areas without fretting over reach. Because they don’t have cables to restrict their movements, they can easily get to the far corners.

The versatile nature of our sweepers makes it possible to adapt them to multiple sweeping requirements. You also have the option of diesel/petrol or electric sweepers. Whether you need to sweep concrete surfaces or heavy-duty carpeting, you will find something suitable at CL Floorcare.

Durable Machines and Services
Our products stand out because we insist on carrying the most durable ones on the market. Whether you are getting ride-on or walk-behind industrial floor sweepers, you can count on reliability and good service for a long time.

You can improve the functionality of your floor sweeper by attaching different accessories or replacing worn out parts. We carry accessories, and parts for various sweeper makes and models. The robust build of our sweepers makes them suitable for all-year-round use, which saves you significant costs.

Our floor sweepers are available for sale and hire. CL Floorcare has a team of engineers that is always ready to provide maintenance and repair to your industrial cleaning equipment. Every sweeper purchase comes with service packages, so you are assured of professional inspection at least twice a year.

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