Pressure Washers

You can choose from a wide range of stationary hot pressure washers and mobile hot pressure washers. Additionally, we have a range of mobile cold pressure washers available for sale and hire. Afterall, heavy-duty pressure washers are a worthwhile investment, especially with tougher cleaning jobs that require more power. Unfortunately, some standard machines just can’t deliver. Our professional cleaning machines are designed to release a jet of water at high pressure. Consequently, these industrial and commercial cleaning machine can remove dirt, grime and grease from most surfaces. But what type of heavy duty pressure washer is right for your application?

Mobile Pressure Washers

Mobile pressure washers like the mobile cold water pressure washers are the ideal choice for everyday surface cleaning. For example, where scrubbing can’t do the job. These robust mobile Nilfisk cold water pressure washers and Karcher cold water pressure washers will blast dirt and grime away.

Mobile Hot water pressure washers are a great solution for areas with oily surfaces. The hot water from a hot water pressure washer cleaner combined with detergent disintegrates fat molecules to leave surfaces free of grime.

Stationary Pressure Washers

Stationary pressure washers like the Stationary hot pressure washers are commonly used by transportation companies. For example, many of our machines are used by haulage companies, fleet parks or washing vehicles used for the transportation of animals.

At CL Floorcare, we offer a wide range of pressure washer cleaner machines for sale or hire from some of the industry’s biggest brands. The equipment is available in different pressure configurations to meet the distinct cleaning requirements of various settings.

Your Choice of Pressure Washing Equipment

When buying or hiring a pressure washer cleaner, you must decide which appliances best serves your needs. Washers are designed in different sizes and styles. Heavy-duty pressure washing machines are created for tough environments. For example, factory floors that demand a lot of power.

Mobile pressure washers are easily to use and portable. Therefore, an operator can move the equipment from one part of the room to another when cleaning. Mobile pressure washer cleaner machines also simplify storage. Consequently, they are suitable for areas with space constraints.

Corded jet washers have cables connecting them to the power supply. These appliances are ideal for a large cleaning project. For example, when workers are required to be on the floor for an extended period. Battery-powered pressure washers are perfect for short cleaning jobs.

Get right Powerful Pressure Washers you Need

CL Floorcare understands the importance of durable and high performing cleaning equipment. We have hot water pressure washers for sale or pressure washer hire. These robust powerful machines are ideal for eliminating stubborn stains on numerous surfaces from manufacturing floors to laboratories. If you need accessories for your pressure washing machine, we also have genuine parts available.

Need to spread your costs? Whether you want a pressure washer cleaner for a cleaning machine with wheels, a diesel-powered or a portable appliance. We can help you find the right pressure washer hire. Browse below our large collection of pressure washing machines available for sale or hire.

Call us on 01782 749451 or email and we will help you find the right cleaning machine for your task, at the best value.

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