Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Scrubber dryers are some of the most effective cleaning machines for commercial spaces. The high capacity plus the double action of scrubbing and drying ensures that workers can maintain cleanliness without too much effort. Walk behind scrubber dryers are some of the equipment types that businesses and professional cleaners invest in for commercial and industrial applications.

This type of floor scrubber requires the operator to push it from behind. Pedestrian floor scrubbers are suitable for small areas where cleaners can reach everywhere. With water and detergent mixed in the machine, users don’t have to stop every few minutes to fill it.

At CL Floorcare, we offer walk behind scrubbers in different capacities so you can find one that serves your specific requirements.

Different Machine Options

Pedestrian scrubber dryers come in various designs that satisfy the diverse cleaning needs in commercial and industrial spaces. A floor scrubber can be battery-powered or electric. The advantage of battery power is that the operator doesn’t have to deal with cords when cleaning.

With electric power, the machine doesn’t need recharging, which allows workers to proceed uninterrupted. Of course, there is a size difference among walk behind floor scrubbing machines. Just like ride on scrubbers, the storage tank for the solution varies across different models. You can browse our available sections to see the options.

Quality and Long Lasting Machines

At CL Floorcare, we carry only the top brands. You will find Nilfisk, Kacher and Viper pedestrian scrubber dryers in various sizes and styles. With our floor scrubby machines, you can expect efficiency that will contribute towards energy savings. We insist on durable machines that our customers can use for years without premature damage. You can opt for either scrubber hire or purchase, depending on your budget and expected period of use.

For a broad range of walk behind scrubber dryers, contact CL Floorcare for competitive rates.

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  • Sale! Nilfisk SC100Nilfisk SC100

    Nilfisk SC100

    £1,308.86 £834.00

    Nilfisk SC100

    Tjhe Nilfisk SC100 has Dual squeegees that allows the SC100 to clean both forwards and in reverse for optimum manoeuvrability. Washing and drying are done in one pass, so the area will be ready for use immediately after cleaning. The value-for-money choice for small shops, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, bakeries, fast food chains, hotels, cleaning companies and also in-home cleaning.




    • Scrub and dry in one single pass giving fast access to the cleaned area
    • Two solution flow settings for efficient cleaning and red LED light indicator alarms when out of solution
    • Ergonomic handle for comfortable one or two handed operation
    • Easy to carry and to transport from one place to another – only 12 kg weight


    • Only use clean solution: no dirt and bacteria spread everywhere on the floor
    • Flat recovery tank design and full access makes it fast and easy to clean 100% of the recovery tank from any dirt
    • Can do what others cannot: Low deck profile and offset allows to clean difficult to reach areas for real floor cleaning
    • Easy and quick maintenance operations help the operator to always have a clean and functional machine


    • Flexible cleaning: Eco flow for light cleaning and double flow for spot or hard cleaning
    • All machine functions stop in upright position: No brush or squeegee on the floor and no solution spill when the machine is not in use
    • Robust aluminum frame design guarantees high reliability and long life time
    • Detergent dosing cap on solution tank to always have the right percentage of detergent

    Nilfisk SC100     Nilfisk SC100




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  • Sale! SC250SC250

    Nilfisk SC250

    £3,997.67 £1,675.60

    Productivity is high due to the sheer speed of the machine as it sweeps, scrubs and dries at the same time, moving both forwards and backwards. Debris, dirt and even the smallest dust particles are removed effectively by the 34 cm cylindrical brush. For more in-depth cleaning without the sweeping feature, a microfiber roller can be used as option. When cleaning, you can lift the front squeegee from the user position for easy pick-up of larger debris without having to stop. With two different solution flows you can adjust so it fits the cleaning task. Two simple ways to save time and cost without compromising on the result.

    • Easy handling: Tank-in-tank design for carrying in one hand provides easy emptying and refilling
    • Effective: Sweeping, scrubbing and drying at the same time
    • High cleaning performance: 34 cm cylindrical brush or microfiber roll
    • Productive: The 6 litre solution and recovery tank gives up to 40 minutes of working time without refill
    • Powerful: Nilfisk 36V Lithium battery technology
    • Easy to use: The ergonomic handle can be adjusted into different positions, used free floating or folded for storage
    • Intuitive and self-explaining: Informative display on the handle.
    • Full control: OneTouch button activates all essential functions and touch sensors in the handle which provide an easy operation
    • Non-stop cleaning: The two water/solution settings can be changed on-the-fly
    • Safe: Out of Water alarm protecting the machine
    • Convenient: Easy to carry and move due to its compact design and low weight
    • Low TCO: Long lifetime with ‘No tool’ inspection, service and maintenance

    Nilfisk SC250 Brochure      Nilfisk SC250 Factsheet

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  • Sale! SC351 1SC351 1

    Nilfisk SC351

    £3,997.67 £2,154.00


    Nilfisk SC351 offers both forward and backward scrubbing and drying with an impressive brush pressure of 27 kg. Particularly suitable for cleaning in crowded places, between and behind tables, shelves, furniture and other less accessible areas.

    • Rotating deck enables the unit to scrub and dry going either forwards or backwards
    • 27 kg of down pressure for outstanding scrubbing effectiveness
    • Powerful brush motor & better suction performance
    • A re-designed deck ensures reliability and increased performance with low maintenance costs
    • Optima batteries are available offering high productivity, constant performance, lower
    • weight and more environmental friendliness due to the use of less lead
    • Easy deck adjustment for perfect traction control
    • New squeegee system with better airflow and patented blade retaining system

    Nilfisk SC351 Brochure          Nilfisk SC351 Factsheet

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  • Sale! SC401SC401

    Nilfisk SC401


    Nilfisk SC401


    The Nilfisk SC401 is designed and built with proven Nilfisk technology the SC401 will increase daily cleaning productivity in, e.g. offices, shops, hotels, schools, hospitals, work shops etc.. The high and consistent performance is ensured by the 43 cm scrub deck equipped with brush or pad. Thanks to the superior water pick-up provided by the curved squeegee system the floor is left completely dry – and you can keep up the good work for a long time: Up to 4 hours of continuous scrubbing and drying on a fully charged battery, and up to 100 minutes before the solution tank needs to be refilled.

    Using the machine is simple and requires very little training. The 4 wheels make the Nilfisk SC401 easy to maneuver, and the OneTouch™ button activates all functions with one click. Furthermore, the cleaning settings can be changed on the fly thanks to the simple 3 buttons on the dashboard.

    The machine is offered in both battery and cable version. The battery version is available also with traction to maximize user’s ergonomics and comfort when using the machine


    Key facts:
    • Compact design and easy to maneuver
    • Productive and powerful vacuum motor ensures a perfect cleaning and drying result
    • Brush click on/off, and light weight squeegee with no hose connection
    • Patented elastic strap system makes squeegee maintenance easy and simple
    • Detergent mixing system will prevent overdosing of chemicals – saving the environment and the total cost of cleaning
    • Ergonomic handle with touchpoints, OneTouch™ button and instruction stickers makes
      the machine simple for the operator to get started
    • The Nilfisk SilentTech™ technology reduces the sound level from 65dB(A) – and down to 60dB(A) in silent mode




    Nilfisk SC401 Brochure       Nilfisk SC401 Factsheet




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  • Nilfisk SC430 Scrubber DryerNilfisk SC430 Scrubber Dryer

    Nilfisk SC430 GO-L-ine


    Nilfisk SC430 GO-L-ine

    SC430 Go-Line offers value for money and is available in a full package version that includes batteries, on-board charger as well as brush and squeegee – everything you need to get your cleaning going!

    The SC430 is listed on the Water Technology List . Purchasing a Nilfisk water efficient cleaning machine that is listed on the Water Technology List will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and claim ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA can reduce a tax bill by £20 for every £100 spent, assuming that a business pays 20% Corporation Tax in the year of investment. Find out more about the ECA Water Scheme

    • Easy to use with one touch button that activates all scrubbing functions
    • Integrated solution tank and recovery tank for high capacity
    • Compatible with all Nilfisk accessories
    • Excellent water pick-up
    • Listed on the Water Technology List – qualifies for ECA

    Nilfisk SC430 Brochure          Nilfisk SC430 Factsheet



  • Sale! Nilfisk SC450Nilfisk SC450

    Nilfisk SC450

    £7,193.51 £4,020.59

    The SC450 has been developed in conjunction with the contract cleaner sector aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership for end users. With a highly competitive price tag, high durability and low maintenance, the SC450 is a sound long term investment for the cost conscious.

    • The low noise level enables daytime cleaning for increased efficiency
    • Polyethylene corrosion proof rotomolded tank ensures durability
    • Automatic squeegee release system when hitting obstacles provides reliable use and extended lifetime of equipment
    • Ease of use is supported by automatic vacuum motor shut off when tank is full, just like the brushes and water turns off automatically when in neutral
    • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning – fast and hygienic
    • Most electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety

    Nilfisk SC450 Brochure       Nilfisk SC450 Factsheet

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  • Sale! Nilfisk SC500Nilfisk SC500

    Nilfisk SC500

    £10,012.99 £6,173.70

    A reliable choice for cleaning companies, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, hotels and production floors.

    Productivity is taken to a new level with the automatic adjustment of the water/detergent solution flow according to the speed of the machine. Using this control ensures consistent cleaning results and optimises consumption of water and chemicals, the operator can focus on getting the job done. Cleaning costs are reduced due to several features. The sustainable Nilfisk Ecoflex system offers very flexible use of detergent and also water-only cleaning, just by pushing a button. Also driving down costs is the opportunity to introduce more daytime cleaning due to the remarkably low sound level of the SC500.

    • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Low noise Vac motor system running at just 60 ±3 dB(A)
    • Consistent cleaning: Solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed
    • Ease-of-use: Ergonomic drive paddle and informative display with One-Touch button and easy click on/off for the brush/padholder.
    • Settings effectively controlled: Separate Super user and Operator key
    • Easy handling: Plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
    • Sustainable: Ecoflex system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning
    • Effective: 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy
    • User friendly: Electric motor to lower/raise brush deck with One-Touch button
    • Productive: 45/45 litre water tanks and up to 5 hours of running time in light applications

    NIlfisk SC500 Brochure          Nilfisk SC500 Factsheet


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  • Sale! Nilfisk SC530Nilfisk SC530

    Nilfisk SC530 GO-L-ine


    The SC530 GO-Line is a simple and easy to use scrubber drier requiring minimum training for daily use and maintenance.

    The highly reliable SC530 GO-Line will perform it’s cleaning tasks with daily downtime restricted to routine maintenance.

    Attractively priced with low daily maintenance, SC530 GO-Line ensures an affordable scrubber drier.

    The SC430 is listed on the Water Technology List . Purchasing a Nilfisk water efficient cleaning machine that is listed on the Water Technology List will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and claim ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA can reduce a tax bill by £20 for every £100 spent, assuming that a business pays 20% Corporation Tax in the year of investment. Find out more about the ECA Water Scheme

    • Easy to use with OneTouch™ button to activates all scrubbing functions
    • Tilting recovery tank for easy access to batteries and chemicals
    • Ergonomic pedal to easily lift and lower the deck
    • Easy click-on and off system releases the brush/ pad effortlessly
    • Excellent water pick-up
    • Listed on the Water Technology List – qualifies for ECA

    Nilfisk SC530 Brochure         NIlfisk 530 Factsheet

  • BA551.611BA551.611

    Nilfisk BA 551/611

    The innovative Ecoflex system (available in all battery driven versions) keeps the consumption control, but also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning tasks; Green meets clean. Nilfisk scrubber/dryers BA 551/611 are an ideal solution to make effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

    • Qualifies for up to 28% government Cashback under the new ECA Water
    • Technology Product List (UK Only).
    • Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without any compromise with cleaning performance
    • Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing. Offered as an option
    • Exceptionally low noise level permits cleaning anywhere at any time, even in noise sensitive areas
    • Interchangeable brush decks allow choice of 3 different sizes; 53 & 61 cm disc or 51 cm cylindrical
    • ECO Solution provides substantial savings in water consumption

    Nilfisk BA551/611 Brochure     Nilfisk BA551/611 Factsheet


  • BA651.751BA651.751

    Nilfisk BA651/751

    More versatility, up to 30 percent greater productivity, better-than-ever reliability, extremely silent operation and the most advanced ergonomics available.

    The Nilfisk BA651/751 series represents real innovation in the world of scrubber dryers and added value for cleaning professionals.

    Now all the machines are equipped with the Ecoflex system which keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for the more aggressive cleaning tasks.

    Never before has there been such an outstanding combination of modern ergonomic design, high performance and superb traction. This is the complete walk-behind unit for large area cleaning.

    • Extremely low noise level (down to 58 dB(A)) makes daytime cleaning viable
    • Combination of up to 71cm scrubbing width, 5.6 km/h speed and large capacity tanks provide high productivity
    • Sturdy construction, state of the art design and better materials offer more reliability and a longer working life
    • Eco Dosage System (EDS) is available to save both water and detergent costs and to optimise the cleaning process
    • Interchangeable brush decks allow a choice of 2 different disc sizes or 71 cm cylindrical
    • Optional Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing.

    Nilfisk BA 651/751 Brochure      Nilfisk BA651/751 Factsheet

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    Nilfisk SC800

    The SC800 walk-behind scrubber/dryer is designed for heavy-duty cleaning but is easy to handle and flexible in many cleaning applications. It is ideal for routine cleaning from ultra light to heavy scrubbing such as entryways, spillages, grease removal, grout and porous-surface cleaning. The SC800 can clean with water only for detergent residue removal.

    Combined with a new squeegee concept the SC800 provides more effective water collection, and together with the powerful vacuum motor ensures that the floor dries quickly.

    • Powerful brush and vac motors, high down pressure (up to 77 kg), outstanding cleaning and drying performance: the best answer for heavy duty “industrial“ cleaning tasks.
    • Green oriented: complete consumption control: Ecoflex system, low noise level (only 61dB(A))
    • Large 95 litre solution and recovery tanks give extra capacity for longer working time
    • The scrub deck is protected with removable covers that prevent damage to walls and doors, while providing easy access for maintenance
    • The SC800 is ideal for use in confined spaces. No compromise on the ergonomic level and manoeuvrability.

    Nilfisk brochure

    Nilfisk SC800 BrochureNilfisk SC800 Factsheet

  • BD 30/4-C

    Karcher BD 30/4 C Bp

    Whether on natural or artificial stone, epoxy resin, linoleum or PVC: significantly faster and more thorough than cleaning by hand, the machine also suctions in reverse if needed and, thanks to the rotary squeegees, in all other manoeuvres as well. The well-designed and extremely simple operating concept with colour-coded control elements can also be seen in the quick and easy replacement of the powerful and quickly rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Incidentally, the machine’s light weight of only about 20 kilograms facilitates its use on different floors, even when there is no lift.

    BD 30/4 C BP Brochure     BD 30/4 C BP Factsheet