• Viper AS510B Scrubber Dryer

    £2,637.32 + VAT

    The AS510B is a simple to use medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryers. The perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized and heavy-traffic areas.

  • IVB 9 Ex DemoIVB 9 Ex Demo

    Nilfisk IVB 9 Ex Demo

    The IVB 9 ex-demo cleaning machine has been fully refurbished to the highest possible standard. This means that you can get this single-disc machine ready to use and will last as long as you need it!

    If you are in need of new industrial or municipal cleaning machines but are constrained by the budget that you have available, then our ex-demo cleaning machines could be the perfect answer. These cleaning machines will run like new, ensuring that they can provide the level of cleaning that you require, meaning that they are a brilliant alternative.


    Nilfisk Pressure Washer C120.7-6

    Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer is a highly-manoeuvrable, high-pressure washer with added power for occasional cleaning The jet washer has the power to handle most cleaning tasks around the house and garden, with a 1400W motor and long-life pressure washer pump made of tough metal.

    The handy trolley design and small size make this compact pressure washer easy to stow away after use, and the 120 bar with 440 litres per hour of water flow offers excellent cleaning results.




  • Nilfisk SH Truck 7P/5MNilfisk SH Truck 7P/5M

    Nilfisk SH Truck Stationary Pressure Washer

    £7,860.02£8,752.52 + VAT
    Placed in a parking area or forecourt, the SH TRUCK contains all settings and adjustments inside the lockable cabinet. The unit is then easily operational for multiple users with four push-button functions to select on-off, hot water, detergent without needing to adjust each time. The SH TRUCK is equipped with a high-efficiency EcoPower boiler offering reduced fuel consumption and costs.


    The unit is also equipped with cabinet insulation and an electrically powered heater fan for frost protection and all year round cleaning.

  • Nilfisk MC 3CNilfisk MC 3C

    Nilfisk MC 3C Pressure Washer

    £693.68£855.79 + VAT

    The Nilfisk MC 3C includes an innovative spray gun holder that protects the spary gun and keep it out of harm’s way during storage and transport.

    Our studies have shown that one of the most common pressure washer components broken during transport is the spray gun, simply because it is not always stored correctly and thus is left unprotected.

    Another feature included on the Nilfisk MC 3C is a turnable electrical cable hook that makes it easy to wind and unwind the electrical cable, reducing the hassle linked to preparation or storage of the machine.

    This range of machines brings a clear reduction in the total cost of ownership for our customers, which has been a key element in our strategy. The MC range of pressure washers increases cleaning efficiency on average by 15%. Thanks to the external detergent injector system, the real working pressure at the nozzle is increased and the cleaning time can be reduced by up to 15% – and this saves labour, water and electricity costs! The serviceability of the MC line has been improved by an optimal level of accessibility to the motor and pump. Onboard pump oil tank and fill/empty system make basic maintenance tasks such as oil checking simple for the user and the easy to access concept will reduce maintenance time and cost.

  • Nilfisk MC 5MNilfisk MC 5M

    Nilfisk MC 5M Pressure Washer

    £1,192.10£1,597.31 + VAT

    The Nilfisk MC 5M pressure washer range is built around a 30 mm steel frame, adding robustness and strength to the machine. Well equipped for long term use in even the toughest environments, these machines present a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for your cleaning tasks.

    The Nilfisk MC 5M line is intuitive and easy to use, it offers excellent storage facilities for the pressure washer’s standard spray equipment.

    The electrical cable is quickly wound around the storage hooks and the lower cable hook rotates to facilitate swift cable removal. The robust optional hose reel makes storage of the hose simple and also protects the hose from damage.

    Space is available for the storage of two lances in the lance holders that firmly grip the lances to prevent them from falling out during transport.




  • Nilfisk MH 4MNilfisk MH 4M

    Nilfisk MH 3C Pressure Washer

    £2,512.25 + VAT

    The versatile Nilfisk MH 3C combines low running costs, high performance, ease of use, best in class mobility and great cleaning efficiency.

    The innovative design makes it easy to move over all types of surfaces. The Ergo accessory system contributes to even more comfortable use of the machine and assures durability and reliability.

    At CL Floor Care we also offer repairs on a variety of pressure washers. Click here to check out our full range.