Nilfisk MH 3C-90/670 PAX 230/1/50 UK

£3,404.62 £2,081.04

£1734.20 Inc VAT


The MH 3C offers high cleaning efficiency and low running costs via optimal cleaning and heating performance. It is the ideal hot water unit for general light everyday cleaning in applications such as automotive, craftsmen and light farming.

The versatile MH 3C combines low running costs, high performance, ease of use, best in class mobility and great cleaning efficiency. The innovative design makes it easy to move over all types of surfaces. The Ergo accessory system contributes to even more comfortable use of the machine and assures durability and reliability.

    • EcoPower™ boiler with EcoMode function
    • EcoPower™ boiler >92% efficiency giving reduced fuel costs
    • Brass pump head
    • Pressure activated unloader system
    • Innovative design with 4 big wheels
    • Easy to transport, can even be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces
    • Oil tank and oil sight
    • Onboard diagnostics function

MH 3C-90 Brochure        MH 3C-90 Factsheet

Weight 119 kg
Dimensions 1010 x 700 x 1016 cm